Get WILD: How to mix up your style (or not) for WILD 2018

WILD is fast approaching, and if you’re like me, you have no idea what you’re wearing. Or, you don’t care because you’re not going. If you were here last year, you probably have a pair of mud-colored shoes slowly fossilizing in your closet. But this year there shouldn’t be any rain; so, bring out the white Adidas/Converse/Keds/Nikes. WILD usually brings out a variety of outfits, ranging from Coachella-esque looks to the typical brightly colored jersey. Scene’s here to tell you what we’re thinking of wearing!

Cut off jean shorts, black bodysuit, frat converse, novelty glasses, red jacket

It’s unclear if this outfit will see the light of day because I’m the most indecisive person I know, but this is the plan so far. Cut off jean shorts because after what has felt like two years of rain, my thighs would like to see the light of day, just this once. The black bodysuit, because, well, it does a cool cross thing in the front, is vaguely conservative (vaguely not) and is the only bodysuit I’ve ever bought in my life that has fit my “basically one long torso” body. Frat Converse because despite the lack of rain, there’s no doubt someone’s going to step on my shoes. Why not sacrifice the one pair of shoes I exclusively wear to frats with the assumption they will be mostly gray and punch-colored by the time I leave? Novelty glasses and a red jacket to spice up my life, make me easy to find, keep me warm and block the sun.

— Katy Hutson, Senior Scene Editor

Throwback jersey

The throwback sports jersey is the devil screaming on the shoulder of many men on this campus before every major event. They are a terrible, terrible cliche, and they don’t really look that good—or at least they don’t look good enough for every single white male on campus to be wearing one. But here’s the thing. I like sports jerseys. I think they look neat. I empathize with all the other people who also like sports jerseys and think they’re neat and want to wear them to WILD. I am here to tell you that you should follow your heart. Is your WILD outfit that important? No, of course it isn’t! If you think that 1998 Detroit Red Wings away jersey is nice and wearing it makes you happy, you should go ahead and throw it on. Yes, it’s lazy, but we’ve been working hard all semester. Go ahead. Grab that light blue Brooklyn Dodgers jersey out of the closet. It will be fine.

— Jon Lewis, Associate Editor

T-shirt of an alternative WILD choice and a denim skirt and sunglasses I found on a sidewalk.

This Friday, I plan on wearing a BROCKHAMPTON t-shirt with a shredded denim skirt. The BROCKHAMPTON t-shirt serves as a commentary on this year’s wild selection, as the self-proclaimed “boyband” was one of the options for headliner. While I undoubtedly will be bopping to Young the Giant’s “My Body” and probably sobbing to “Cough Syrup,” I was a little disappointed to see that my artist of choice, BROCKHAMPTON, didn’t make this semester’s bid. Fortunately, they’ll be performing all summer around the country; so, I pray that all the let-down Brocky fans will stumble upon some tickets. As for the sunglasses: Yes, I found them on the street, and no, I am not ashamed; they are cool, and while they’re a little scratched up, the sun will be no match for my orange-tinted frames.

— Isabelle Gillman, Staff Writer

Anything that would make Beyonce smile

Did you catch Beychella this year? Of course you did. The amazing outfits Beyonce and her crew wore are an inspiration to being unapologetically black and reminding everyone who lets the world know what is cool. Who run the world? Beyonce does. So, even though the most important queen in the world (sorry Elizabeth) won’t be in Brookings on Friday, I will be dressing like she is with the goal of being so fantastic that she’ll include me in her life as the brother she never had. I may not even go to WILD since only about 6 percent of the people there would appreciate my effort.

— Matt Wallace, Staff Columnist

Your pajamas

The week of spring WILD also has the tendency to coincide with one of the busiest weeks of the semester. If you’re like me, barely dragging through it, you’re probably looking forward to slapping on some pajamas after a long night of avoiding accidentally touching sweaty people. Why not cut the middle man and just commit to the PJ lifestyle before heading out?

— Aidan Strassmann, Managing Editor