Do it for the Vine: What you should wear to a Vine-themed party

I’ve been dreaming about this event for the last two years. The time and forum to brainstorm outfit ideas for a Vine-themed party. A monumental event where the Vines that keep me alive come to life. There’s a plethora of Vines to choose from (just check YouTube compilations), but not all of them are outfit friendly. Like, technically, I could dress as the “I’m an adult virgin” guy and just wear a high collared shirt, but no one would understand it, unless I just said that line over and over again. I mean if you’ve seen the meme page, you could wear a sign associated with the paired frat but…that’s up to you! Here’s a list of ideas of costumes for your next Vine party.

Chris Pine

If you’ve never seen this Vine, you should. Essentially “Brandon” is asked to ask the speaker what kind of Christmas tree he has. Then, the camera zooms to a picture on the Christmas tree of Chris Pine. Watching this will absolutely send me to tears. I’d go to the party holding a small Christmas tree (probably a foot tall) with a a picture of Chris Pine taped to it. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Vine.

—Katy Hutson, Senior Scene Editor


This costume will be pretty easy to pull off, albeit alienating. All you need to do is find a pair of fuzzy animal ears (shouldn’t be too hard to find, especially if the party is post-Halloween weekend) and stand in the mirror to work on perfecting your best “arf.” Then, you’re good to go. The best part of it? If someone starts to bug you at the party, just bark at them.

—Aidan Strassmann, Managing Editor

Pee Prank

Want to spend a party spraying yellow liquid all over people’s feet until you are inevitably punched in the face? Boy, have I got the costume for you. Just dress like your everyday, irritating self, make a little hole in the top of a water bottle and spray it all over everybody. This even has the potential to be a couples costume. There is nothing more intimate than the pairing of Pee Prank and Poo Prank. Grab that special someone, a water bottle and a bottle of chocolate sauce. Then, just start spraying. Extra points if the pair of you spend the entire time hiding in the bathroom and causing so much rage and fear in your fellow party goers that real bodily fluids end up on the floor.

—Lauren Alley, Staff Writer

Why You Always ‘Lion’

Freshman year, my roommate and I (plus our friend across the hall) became a little too obsessed with “Why You Always Lying.” Like, we would sing it all the time and inevitably, our singing would give way to unstoppable laughter. But anyway, if I were going to a Vine-themed party, I would definitely choose this one. My costume of choice: a cute lion onesie. Pro tip: Never miss a chance to dress up in pajamas at a party, even if you’re sorta kinda barely on theme.

—Ella Chochrek, Editor-in-Chief

Lebron James

This is the best Vine of all time. I do not want to hear your opinion, because it is wrong. “Lebron James” is ubiquitous. It is the alpha and the omega. There are Vines that have better comedic timing (The “a child” one, “Look at all these chickens”) and Vines that are more crazy (“Can I order a waffle”), but this Vine is the best. I defy you to say “Lebron James” in this kid’s voice and not have everyone else in the room say “Lebraawwwn Jaaaames” back at you. Plus, as a costume it is super easy. You just need a royal blue Nike basketball shirt, and you are ready to go.

—Jon Lewis, Senior Sports Editor

Monster Dance

If you’re like me and like to shake your booty, this vine costume is the perfect excuse. All you need is a pair of athletic shorts and a bulls Jersey—Michael Jordan if you can pull it off. Next, roll the jersey up a few times so your tummy is showing. Then, put Shakira to shame. The more jiggle, the better.

—Aaron Brezel, Managing Editor