Staff list: Holiday gifts for everyone on your ‘nice’ list

It’s post-Black Friday craze—the gift-giving season is upon us. And sometimes, gift givers can lack inspiration. But never fear, the Scene team is here to help! From that acquaintance who got you a gift (so now you have to get them one, too) to the White Elephant exchange for your dorm floor, these gift ideas are perfect presents for any occasion. They’re also all either affordable, easy or some wonderful combination of the two.

All I want for Christmas is to not get sick. For that friend who always seems to have the flu, could be a model for Student Health Services or continuously doesn’t cover their mouth despite you passive aggressively coughing back at them (but while actually covering your mouth), give the gift of sterility: a surgical face mask; a flu shot jabbed into their fleshy upper forearm in the dead of night; packs upon packs of EmergenC poured into their water bottle. Brew them hot tea, bring them cold packs for their forehead—and all the while, make sure they never leave the comforts of their room and subsequently infect us all. Actually, sleep so you don’t become part of the problem. Give the gift of health this holiday season. It’s all I’m asking for! —Katy Hutson

For the past two Christmases, I have opened my bank account app to find a severely depleted gift-giving fund, due to long nights and dinners in the Student Life office. Because all my money now belongs to Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium and Bobo’s Noodle House, I’ve had to get creative when it comes to giving gifts. I highly recommend the classic “hug coupon” idea. All you need is some paper, colored pencils and a nice mom with a low threshold for accepting presents. Based on the episode “Crime Aid” from the critically acclaimed show “The Office,” these coupons can go for up to $1,000. So, if you think about it, it’s actually an extremely generous and thoughtful gift. —Aidan Strassmann

Every year for Christmas as a child, I would get a shiny new calendar, filled with pictures of kittens and the promise of a new year more organized than the last. By about Jan. 15, I usually had given up on actually keeping a neat calendar for the year. And by about March, I would completely stop flipping the pages to the next month. A calendar, for me, always ended up being a sort of useless gift. But for other people, calendars are really effective at keeping track of time. Plus, they come in all kinds of cool themes that say “Yes, I picked this present because of the time of year, but I also know who you are and what you like.” And what’s better than something that’s both useful AND thoughtful? —Ella Chochrek

I like my holiday presents to be thoughtful and useful, while also not requiring too much time or money. The perfect cross-section of these is the small canvas painting. It’s so easy (and cheap!) to buy a couple of small canvases and paints from Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Then, paint something that has meaning to you, as well as to the friend/family member to whom you’re gifting it. I’ve painted everything from a pretty flower for my mom to a Kendrick Lamar album cover for my brother. Plus, it’s a great way to wind down after the stress of finals—you can unleash creativity and relaxing through the stroke of the brush. Maybe you’ll even get high off the paint! But whether you do or don’t, it’ll be a fun time. —Lindsay Tracy

As a new Midwesterner, coming from much further south, I’ve come to appreciate objects and accessories that help with not being cold. For me, this includes scarves, hot drinks, hats, a winter jacket (I had to buy one for the first time this year) and more. Above all of these things (except maybe the jacket), the item I’ve most come to appreciate is socks. Besides being a great way to showcase your personality or be festive, nothing can beat a good pair of warm socks to pull on before you brave the cold weather to walk to get food or even just to wear while hanging out on your floor. Show your friends and family you care about their comfort (and health, as cold feet are never good) and get them a pair of warm, cozy socks. —Alana Raper

The ultimate, universal gift is Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book. This present is just around the $10 range and is perfect for anyone. Even I have been tempted to add this book to my wish list, although the only Nick Cage content I’ve ever really enjoyed is pre-2010 memes. During the break, many people need to fill up their time that will no longer consists of essays, labs, Peer Led Team Learning and study sessions in Olin Library–so, an activity book is the perfect solution. Alternatively, pester an engineering or Olin Business School student for printing credit and create your own. Print some color-by-numbers, crossword puzzles, writing prompts…the possibilities are endless. Once you have the pages ready, staple them together in the library, and you’re good to go! —Lily Wu

What’s sticky, colorful and comes in a variety pack of 9,000,000? Stickers!!!! There is nothing that makes me smile more than a fun sticker or two. Do you want to annoy the person sitting next to you in class? There’s a sticker for that! Do you want to help your roommate relax after a long day? There’s a sticker for that! Do you want to cover up the pimple the size of Mt. Vesuvius on your face? There’s a sticker for that!!! Grab a pack of 9,000,000 (or maybe just 90) for yourself and your gift recipients from Amazon—the varieties you can find on there are endless. Once they arrive, gift them to your friends, and stick those bad boys EVERYWHERE (including right on top of the grade penned on that exam you just failed). —Jillian Shah

Folks, it’s time to indulge and pick up a pair of Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Mic/Controller RP-TCM125-K (Black). I’m not joking around here—you and I both know that in the next month or so, one side of your earbuds will stop working. You’ll be walking to class and suddenly, RIP left bud. Nothing is more infuriating, and nothing is more common, which is why you should be spending $12.28 at most on your next pair of earbuds. Speaking from experience, the Panasonic sound quality is fine for all but the most particular of audiophiles, and the durability is in line with your typical sub-$100 earbuds. Like every pair of earbuds you’ve ever owned, they’ll break after four months, but you can rest easy in the fact that they cost, like, $10. —Ethan Jaynes

It’s my opinion that one of the best kind of presents is an edible one. Unlike a re-gifted trinket that will sit forlornly on the shelf of your gift recipient’s bookcase, a plate of freshly baked cookies will be quickly devoured and genuinely appreciated, especially among the stress of finals. So, turn on your dorm kitchen appliances and get to work—I promise, chocolate chip cookies are really easy to make. If you’re feeling especially lazy, purchase some pre-made cookie dough from Paw’s n Go and actually bake it instead of eating it raw and giving yourself a stomach ache. If you’re especially averse to homemade baked goods, pop into a nearby coffee shop or bakery for the perfect gift: Cursed Bikes and Coffee, Colleen’s Cookies and Seedz Cafe are all seriously underrated gems that are deceptively close to campus. So, go forth and gift away! If you’re lucky, the person you’re bestowing this present upon might even share the cookies with you. —Hanusia Higgins

Do you have a friend who wants to pretend to be cooler than everyone else? Are they alternative and edgy? Do they like loud noises and explicit lyrics? If this sounds like one of your friends than you should get them “The Money Store” by Death Grips on vinyl. “The Money Store” is arguably Death Grips’ best album, according to who you talk to, and the fact that it is their only album released through a record label means that it is very easy to find. When your friend opens this album their face will light up with ironic joy, and everyone needs more Death Grips in their life.—Josh Zucker

Let me tell you something. Christmas is all a corporate scam. Did you know that our modern image of Santa Claus is entirely based on marketing by the Coca-Cola Corporation? Christmas is just an attempt by big business to convince you that you can make your family happy by buying them products produced by large American corporations. But guess what? You kind of can! People like to get things, and it feels nice to make people happy! Just because our current consumer Christmas is a dystopian late-stage capitalism dream stage doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun! I would suggest a sweater or some cozy socks, because it is cold out and everyone loves nice warm clothes. —Jon Lewis