Which campus library should you study in?

| Senior Scene Editor

As the end of the semester approaches, exams, projects and papers loom larger than ever. It’s getting too cold to study outside (although that roaring fireplace by the Danforth University Center sure does look cozy). So, which campus library should you retreat into? Take this quiz and find out.

What’s your favorite cold-weather beverage?

A) Pumpkin spice lattes. I love fall!!!!!!
B) Hot chocolate. It’s so cozy.
C) Horchata. You’ve probably never heard of it.
D) Double espresso. I need the energy.

What’s your perspective on group projects?

A) The more, the merrier—as long as they’re pulling their weight, anyway. I prefer having other people around to bounce ideas off and share the workload.
B) They’re fine, if the group is organized and we can split up the work.
C) Usually, I find that working in a group stifles my creativity.
D) I definitely prefer to work alone.

How much have you procrastinated that paper you need to write?

A) A normal amount, probably. My roommate and I were binge-watching “The Office” last night, and the paper is due tomorrow, but I write my introduction. So, that’s something.
B) The situation isn’t too dire. I have all my sources and a pretty good outline. Now, I just need to buckle down for a few hours and write it.
C) Well, I started writing, but it’s going in a completely different direction than I expected. So, it’s going to take a while to get on track and make it make sense to anybody but me.
D) Uhh…what paper?

What kind of music do you like to listen to while studying?

A) Mostly the new releases playlist on Spotify. But tonight I’ll be jammin’ out to Taylor Swift’s new album. (I haven’t bought it, but my friend emailed me the MP3 files. I’ll forward it to you, if you don’t tell anybody.)
B) Nothing like some nice, mellow indie-folk to get me in a studying mood. Around this time of year, I like to break out Christmas jams, too—but only Zooey Deschanel covers.
C) Literally everything. You think you “listen to all kinds of music?” You have no idea, kid.
D) I only study in total silence. Music is distracting.

Describe your ideal weekend getaway.

A) Hanging with all of my friends in a big city (sorry, St. Louis doesn’t count).
B) Hunkering down in a cozy cabin in the woods, preferably decorated with cool old globes and stuff, reading books by a roaring fireplace.
C) Road-tripping to see my favorite band at a hip, underground music venue.
D) Staying in a dreamy, remote castle on a hilltop—preferably one shrouded in fog—where I can glide through the gilded halls and drift between Corinthian columns in complete isolation.

Finally, what’s your favorite TV show to watch while you’re pretending to study?

A) “This Is Us.” I get so emotional, and then I have to pretend that my eyes are watering because my contact lens slipped, but I don’t even wear contacts.
B) “Planet Earth” (narrated by David Attenborough, of course!).
C) “The Get Down.” Netflix cancelling this masterpiece was the worst part of 2017.
D) “Law & Order: SVU.” Nothing like some semi-realistic crime drama to help me simultaneously escape my course load and get inspired to work harder.

Mostly As: Olin Library

You don’t like to stray too far from the crowd and prefer to be surrounded by friends than to study alone. Olin Library, with its prime location in the middle of campus and a social scene that’s more poppin’ than some frat houses, is your go-to for end-of-semester studying. We’re at the unique point where construction on the library is (allegedly) almost complete. And virtually every day there’s a new obstacle to maneuver around in Olin, like a fun game! And if you ever need to buckle down (or take a quick nap), you can retreat to the upper floors or the B Stacks, respectively. Olin really has it all.

Mostly Bs: Ronald Rettner Earth & Planetary Sciences Library

Tucked away in Rudolph Hall is this hidden gem that will perfectly complement your personality—the Earth & Planetary Sciences Library. (Rudolph also contains literal gems, many of which are on display on the bottom floor.) This small, warmly decorated library is the perfect place to settle into a cozy chair or study cubicle and crank out some work. And if you need a coffee break, Kayak’s is a quick, five-minute walk away.

Mostly Cs: Gaylord Music Library

You’re a true individual and don’t care who knows it—actually, maybe you do care, and you want everyone to know it. Your “eclectic” taste in music can only be satiated at the Gaylord Music Library, located just across from the DUC on Forsyth Boulevard. The music library boasts extensive collections of music. So, you can study and jam out at the same time. Plus, its somewhat off-the-beaten-path nature means you won’t be bothered by plebeian Olin-dwellers.

Mostly Ds: Law Library

You’re intensely focused, you reject distractions, and you need a study environment to match. The Law Library in Anheuser-Busch Hall is deathly silent—as in, you’ll probably die if you make any noise that disrupts your fellow library patrons. This spot is also gorgeously picturesque, so you can admire the artfully arched windows while you (silently) weep and write your paper at a furious pace. The only drawback to the Law Library is its limited hours. No one will bother you here, as long as you don’t bother them