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Your guide to regularly scheduled free food opportunities at Wash. U.

| Editor-in-Chief

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at Washington University, there are plenty of regular opportunities to get food at no cost. OK, OK, I’ll admit that tuition is pretty steep. But that’s a sunk cost by the time you’re hanging out on campus, munching on food you didn’t pay for when you otherwise would’ve had to waste those precious meal points.

Whether you’re running low on points or just want to enjoy a meal without footing the bill, here are some regular opportunities on campus to get free food.

Tuesday Tea @ 3


3 p.m., every Tuesday


Tisch Commons, Danforth University Center

Oftentimes on Tuesdays, I stop by Cafe Bergson in the DUC for a snack, sometimes buying a chocolate chip scone. Then, I walk into Tisch Commons and realize it’s a Tuesday—meaning that I could have just strolled into Tisch and picked up a scone for free as part of Tuesday Tea. While the scones and tea are free, note that the mugs aren’t. All of your friends who have a collection of Tuesday Tea mugs stole them, whether they realize or not.

Popcorn @ the Fun Room


4 p.m., every Wednesday


Fun Room, Danforth University Center

When I first visited Wash. U. as a junior in high school, I remember thinking that the Fun Room was really cool. When I actually became a Wash. U. student, I hardly ever ended up visiting the Fun Room, besides passing through it on the way up to the Student Life office and occasionally stopping in to buy ice cream from the vending machines. Now that I know there’s free popcorn there, I have a reason to actually use the Fun Room again. And that’s pretty exciting.

Happy Hour


5:30 p.m., most Thursdays


Bowles Plaza/Gargoyle (depending on weather)

While there are tons of opportunities to get free snacks, there are few regular opportunities to get a full meal for free. Happy Hour is one of them. Almost every week, Social Programming Board throws Happy Hour, where you can get pizza, wings, soda and cookies—plus beer, if you’re over 21. Sometimes, SPB goes a step further and offers additional food options; for example, there was Seoul Taco last April during WILD Week. With so many available options, Happy Hour’s more than worth the (usually quite long) wait.

DUC N Donuts


9 a.m., first Friday of every month


North Entrance, Danforth University Center

If you don’t have class on Fridays, you might not want to wake up at 9 a.m. to head over to the DUC. But if you’re already on campus, you may want to stop by for free donuts and coffee. In addition to the breakfast treats, you can also pick up a seasonally themed rubber duck. Admittedly, I rarely wake up early enough for DUC N Donuts, but the few times I’ve made it, it’s been worth the trip.

Residential College events


Ask your resident adviser


Your Residential College

Freshman and sophomore year, I lived in the William Greenleaf Eliot residential college, and one of the highlights was WGE Waffles, our monthly event for residents to bond over free breakfast treats. Every residential college seems to have some version of this, from Crow Cakes to LeeBeau Cocoa, and these are great ways to establish a sense of community in your home away from home. Head over for the waffles (or pancakes or hot chocolate), stay for the friendship.

Washington University Student Associate Hours


Ask your WUSAs (or check your floor Facebook group)


Your floor

OK, so this one might only apply to first-year students, but WUSA cake, fluffy and filled with soda, is the stuff of legends. My WUSAs also mixed it up from time to time—I seem to recall candy around this time of year for Halloween—and if your WUSAs or RAs end up with some extra money in their budget, you might get additional treats throughout the year. You know that floor GroupMe you silenced after the first week of school? You might want to start looking at the notifications from it.