Break too short? Ways to recreate spring break on campus

| Senior Scene Editor

Remember spring break last week? Are you still not over it? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be over. Here are some ways that you can recreate your dream spring break travel destinations right here on campus:

canadajanuaryJosh Zucker | Student Life

To recreate Miami (or anywhere in Florida), go to the Danforth University Center showers:

Take a stall, turn on the hot water and close your eyes, baby! The rising steam will take you right to Florida. Plus, knowing you’re in a public place will give you that “I’m-truly-spring-breaking-at-a-truly-popular-spring-break-location-with-other-spring-breakers-man-maybe-we-should-watch-the-movie-“Spring Breakers”-together-man-I-love-Miami/Orlando/wherever else in Florida” vibe. Periodically turn on the cold water for hints of an almost-feeling-like-you’re-in-the-pool vibe. Still doesn’t feel real enough? Keep your clothes on to replicate the sticky humidity of Key West. Is Key West even humid? I don’t know. I’ve never been. Whatever. At the very least, it gives you a reason to wear clothes in the shower. Live a little, you know?

To recreate Austin, Texas, sprawl out in a parking lot:

Maybe you’re cultured and you went to South by Southwest over break. It was fun. You miss it. You wish you were still there. But there’s no reason you can’t bring SXSW to Washington University! Stake out in the parking lot of your choice. Sit on the ground, close your eyes and put in your earbuds. Listen to music from your favorite bands while pretending you’re not sitting in a parking lot! Maybe put up a sign that says “This is my parking lot; please don’t park here, right now” so that you don’t get run over! Even better, just blast music from your phone sans earphones. Everyone around you deserves the festival experience just as much as you do.

To recreate Toronto, hide in the January Hall tunnel:

Canada! It’s the ultimate party destination for spring breakers, according to me and probably just me. But why wouldn’t you want to be in Toronto for spring break? They made Drake! Build your own mini-Toronto paradise in the January tunnel. For this destination, you do have to get a little crafty. The January Tunnel is mostly boring and dead, save for the few English majors scurrying through it to Duncker Hall. But because it’s so plain, you have the most freedom to decorate it. Before arriving at the tunnel, stop by the library and print out 600 of your favorite Justin Trudeau glamour shots. Tape them on the tunnel walls. Throw some on the floor. Make it rain with Trudeau butt pics. Do this while loudly singing your favorite Drake jams. After that, sit down. Maybe bring a chair ahead of time. They have chairs in Canada, so this will also fit with the theme. Just make sure you never leave “Toronto.” Canada is a great place.

To recreate your home, go to your neighbor’s place.

I know you might be thinking, “Rima, I didn’t go anywhere cool for spring break! I just went home like a real jabroni! Do I get to recreate my break somewhere on campus?” Yes! You do! I also went home over spring break. And I don’t regret it. It was great. Reliving the experience is actually pretty easy. Sneak into your neighbor’s suite/apartment when they’re not home and pretend like you live there. Snuggle up in their bed and raid their refrigerator like you would at home. If you want to go all out, call your parents and ask them to say “Hey, don’t you think you should leave the house at least one time during break?” to really capture the full experience. The great thing about trespassing that it doesn’t matter where you’re from—your neighbor’s place is adaptable enough to be in Anywhere, USA. The one downside is that it’s trespassing.

Happy spring break 2.0!