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Last week tire you out? Our tips for de-stressing post-election

This past week has been difficult for many of us. If you’re happy about the outcome of the election, then great. If you’re scared, though, we’re on the same page. While it’s crucial for us to become active in movements to, you know, prevent a literal dystopia, it’s also necessary to recognize when you need to unplug. Here are Scene’s favorite ways of practicing self-care. Please take care of yourself.

Drag your one friend with the car and go to the Goodwill Outlet on Market Street, near downtown St. Louis. If you’ve never been, it’s a glorious experience. There are tables of clothes, rows of furniture and—best of all—bins and bins of books and records. It’s a cluttered, dusty and disorganized madhouse where people give you weird looks if you’re not wearing latex gloves. If you can fight through the chaos, though, you can find some serious gems. The last time I was there, I got two mugs, two bowls, a dress, an ugly Christmas sweater, five books, a movie and a Richard Pryor album on vinyl, all for $2.72. It’s been so great that I still haven’t shut up about the fact I got two mugs, two bowls, a dress, an ugly Christmas sweater, five books, a movie and a Richard Pryor album on vinyl, all for $2.72, even though this happened three months ago. Goodwill Outlets and their insane discounts give me hope for the future of this nation.
—Rima Parikh

The florescent lights in Olin Library are enough to make anyone go crazy, so get outside and enjoy the spectacular weather we’ve been having. Take a walk around Forest Park with your earbuds in and a feel-good playlist on to clear out all your election-related thoughts. Need playlist help? I have multiple; hit me up with that Spotify follow while you’re at it. Soak up the sun and revel in the endorphin rush that even politics can’t steal from you.
—Lizzi Kehoe

Sometimes, all the negativity in the news and on all our timelines is just too overwhelming. Why not shut off your social media for a few hours, grab some friends and make something yummy? Find a great cookie recipe or play around with a no-bake mix (there’s an amazing Mayan Chocolate Chex Mix recipe that only requires a microwave!). Put on some dance music or a feel-good movie while you putter around. Take some time to enjoy the moment with people you love. Be silly. Be open. Be present. And then, enjoy the delicious result of your labors together.
—Andie Divelbiss

Reading about environmental uncertainties under the future president can make one feel helpless, but you can contribute in a positive way through Green/No-Meat Monday. Global food production is responsible for 10-30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, but producing tofu creates only 7.4 percent of the greenhouse gasses that an equivalent amount of beef produces. Even switching from beef to pork or chicken for a day can make a difference, each of which produce at least half the greenhouses that beef does (hence the inclusive “Green” rather than “No-Meat”). The beauty here is that you have a chance to do a small bit of good two, three or more times per day and to try out some new food alternatives in the process.
—Harry Hall

Remember to spread love to your friends, family and of course, to yourself. It never hurts to send a message to your mom, dad, cousin or even that friend who you haven’t talked to since sophomore year of high school and tell them that you care about them. Focus on the important relationships you have cultivated in your life and remind those people that no matter their political views, you will always have their back. In a time where it is so easy to feel isolated, let the communal love in your life be the light in an uncertain time.
—Sara Braun

Revel in the nostalgia of your more carefree days by watching a favorite movie from your childhood. We could all use the emotional boost from the happy ending of a kid’s movie! If you’re not one for kid’s movies, no problem—just pick a movie that makes you happy. Either way, make a night of it by inviting friends to watch with you and forget your worries with a big bowl of popcorn and the silver screen.
—Liz Felix