Accessorize your way into fall: 5 pieces to spice up an outfit

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As over-involved, over-worked, over-everything students, we tend to put getting dressed up near the end of the priorities list. The motivation to dress up and show our best selves to the world gradually peters out as the semester goes on; the well-coordinated outfits of the beginning of the year devolve into the same leggings you’ve been wearing the last three days, plus some pullover you picked up off your floor (no shame, we’ve all been there). It’s at this style nadir when the magic of accessories becomes apparent—instead of taking time to plan an outfit, throw on one of these currently trendy pieces to feel instantly more put together.

Fedora: These stylish hats have been trending for multiple seasons. They work with everything from bohemian to uptown-chic looks. When midterms start piling up, styled or even clean hair tends to become a non-essential. Chucking one of these babies on can make managing your appearance a lot easier. It might seem a bit much to wear one just for class, but it may just become the very barrier you need between yourself and the rest of the world on a Monday morning. For guys, try a shorter brimmed version to achieve that edgy, hipster look.

Chunky heel: If you’ve never been good at strutting in five-inch heels but still want to get a little height this fall, you’re in luck. Boots with short, chunky heels are all the rage, which is ideal for anyone who wants a little more ease and comfort in their footwear but still wants to look like they put in the effort. Leather and suede are always great go-to materials, but what seems to be making waves currently is velvet. Yes, velvet on your feet. If you want to get crazier, there are also boot heels made of wood or even Lucite. As is common in the fashion world, something once practical can easily be made into something totally impractical. But when has being in college ever been about making practical choices?

The Fuzz: Good news for anyone who can’t be bothered to wear anything other than slippers on your feet while trekking to class in the morning: Fuzz has all the buzz in fashion right now. As always, faux is the way to go. It’s not like you have to go full on Cruella de Vil with a floor-length fur coat, unless you really want to. Designers have gotten pretty creative about incorporating furry materials into accessories, placing fuzzy accents on blouse sleeves, loafer-style shoes and even headphones. My personal favorites are the scarves with the fuzzy pom-poms—there’s nothing better than your outfit enveloping you in a fluffy embrace.

Choker: This piece of jewelry can be a little intimidating. However, this particular item has transcended its grungy style roots to become a staple in a wide range of stylistas’ wardrobes everywhere. Look for versions in gold- or silver-looking materials for a more elegant spin. Conversely, a plain velvet band is perfect for creating an understated yet elegant look.

Scrunchie: This throwback accessory’s popularity has carried over from the last season. They’re perfect for throwing your hair up in a big bun or a high ponytail. Velvet is once again the material to look out for.

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