Get funky with it: Funkadelic fall fashion ideas

| Staff Writer

Ah, the ’70s. The era of disco balls, the “Saturday Night Live” heyday, lava lamps and a little “Lucy in Sky with Diamonds” at the local reading of “Sisterhood is Powerful.” If you talk to people who actually lived during the groovy days, you may receive varied anecdotes such as, “You know, it’s all kind of a fuzzy, tie-dyed blur,” or, “I lived through it once and once was enough, thank you very much.”

Well, unfortunately for those latter sticks in the mud, the ’70s are back and in stores now! So feel free to grow out those sideburns you’ve been itching for from the moment you laid eyes on Drake in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” grab the most dramatically flared bell bottoms you can find at the thrift store and just go with the flow, man. In accordance with psychedelic psychology, if it feels good, you should probably just do it.

1. Savory suede

Vests, skirts, boots, pants—you name it—are all getting manufactured using this super soft, supple fabric (there are vegan versions, too). If you’re not in favor of your friends potentially rubbing their hands and faces up against your clothes, this may not be the trend for you. But, for those really invested in the ’70s spirit, I would recommend just going with it.

2. Cute as a button

For all the skirt lovers out there, look out for options with buttons running along the seam from top to bottom. You’ll find them at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Topshop…all of those cool, “young people” stores that will undoubtedly have the perfect crop top to go with your selection. Want to stand out a little more? Look for one in a crazy color like mustard or bright, tomato red. Your legs will thank you.

3. Up to the neck in style

Turtlenecks are all the rage this season. Guys and girls alike can rock the super layered look with this staple piece: Just add a chunky cardigan and top it all off with a slouchy, oversized coat. Channel Steve Jobs in celebration of the upcoming movie by pairing a sleek black turtleneck with some light-wash, distressed denim. Or, if you’re in the mood for something pointless and totally weird, the turtleneck dickey is having quite a moment.

4. Accessorize it up

Go big or go home. Literally, though, put on a pair of platform shoes and make yourself taller. If you want to fight “the man,” you have to first get on his level. If you’re hesitant to give up your trusty Converse, try your hand at some seriously oversized jewelry instead. You’d be amazed what a pair of blingy, shoulder-length earrings can do for an outfit. Or, go back to boho basics with a skinny scarf teamed up with everything from sweater dresses to long-sleeved tees for a little extra pizzazz.

5. Get high (waisted)

I wasn’t kidding about those bell-bottoms. The higher, the better, people. I don’t want to see anybody’s midriff until December. Besides, high-waisted pants elongate your legs and figure, so it’s not like you’ll be looking any less hot than usual.

6. The anti-hippie

Shudder from the very title of this article? No worries; the resurrection of hippie style obviously won’t float everyone’s boat. Also, head-to-toe gray looks were all over runways this season. It may sound a bit bleak at first, but as long as you’re incorporating a good mix of shades and textures, chic is the word.