Street Style: Minimalist layers and more

| Staff Writer

With classes starting up again and the weather going from winter to summer on a moment’s notice, it’s understandable if fashion isn’t the first thing on everybody’s mind. But even when you don’t have time for lots of preparation, you can still impress during your first few weeks of classes, like those featured in this week’s Street Style. So pull the clothes out of your dresser, put your hair down and get ready for a fashionable semester.

IMG_9990Lindsay Tracy | Student Life

Hanusia Higgins


If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to go for Hanusia’s style. Wearing a sweater dress over a long-sleeved shirt, Hanusia layers while still keeping much-needed warmth. Her purple long-sleeve shirt also incorporates a pop of color, which contrasts sharply against the white. Mixing the crochet pattern of her dress and the solid color of her shirt adds a fun twist to the outfit.

IMG_9989Lindsay Tracy | Student Life

Sophia Mavrommatis


If bright pops of color aren’t your thing, color scheming can be a great way to piece together an outfit in the morning. Sophia’s loosely fitted green and brown ensemble makes her anything but camouflage. During quickly changing weather, military-style overcoats and riding boots are always solid choices. An infinity scarf is another great way to add a quick layer of removable warmth.

IMG_9992Lindsay Tracy | Student Life

Annie Cushman


With the temperatures a bit higher, you can briefly break out those summer dresses again! But like Annie, you may want to layer with tights and a sweater cardigan. If you have plain tights and shoes, you can mix and match with colors, patterns and textures as much as you want. Just be careful you wear a long cardigan if it looks like a windy day.

IMG_9988Lindsay Tracy | Student Life

Erin Sellers


Wearing a sweater and jeans, Erin classes up her outfit with details. The collar of her sweater and her ring add a sweetheart look to her outfit, while her watch keeps the look casual. Her faded grey wash jeans make the purple in her sweater pop. Color accents like this instantly make an ensemble more interesting, especially during the dreary weather.

IMG_9991Lindsay Tracy | Student Life

Sylvia Rosner


Sylvia takes an extreme approach to color scheming with this minimalist, all-black outfit. This ensemble is a great example of what to wear when the weather looks ambiguous. Sylvia opts for socks tucked over her leggings, combat boots and a hoodie. Quick accessories, like her necklaces, can spice up your outfit if you’re sticking to darker colors.