Street style

| Contributing Reporter

With recent drops in temperature, you have to be ready for winter at any second. And judging by the massive amount of complaints I’ve been hearing, most people are not. Preparing your closet for winter really is simple. Most obviously, make sure you have enough coats for the activities you do. For example, if you go to the gym a lot and go to formal dress events, you should consider getting a bulky jacket and a long peacoat. Both girls and guys, invest in some scarves and gloves. And, of course, wear pants—if it’s below zero, you should not be wearing shorts. Don’t be that guy. Here is some street style inspiration to get you started.


Mad for Plaid

Kaitlin Peterson, a social work student, models a fantastic coat and scarf combination. Her blue and black checkered peacoat (and a built-in belt) is a bit longer than the average coat, which means that it hides her shirt underneath completely.

If you go for a longer coat, it gives you plenty of opportunity to layer less fashionable items underneath: as soon as it’s time to take your overcoat off, you can just take all of your layers off.

Her brightly patterned purple scarf is extremely fuzzy and undoubtedly keeps her neck warm. Though cloth scarves sometimes have more desirable patterns and give the owner more creative ways to fashion and wear them, wool scarves have the advantage of really keeping you warm.


Bleacher Chic

Fiona Wu, a junior in the engineering school, shows off a great casual class look, staying warm with a thick blue and white letterman jacket. Although most high school letterman jackets are too heavy for casual day wear, this jacket is the right balance of warm and slim. She also layers up with a gray quarter-zip jacket underneath and a black scarf.

Adding layers underneath is a smart way to keep warm without jeopardizing body heat. If you layer another jacket or coat on top of a sweatshirt, people won’t necessarily ever see that you’re wearing a sweatshirt.

Her light brown boots are a bright pop of color in this otherwise blue and white outfit. Her green fingerless gloves add to the casual look. Fingerless or touchscreen gloves are good buys as we head into winter since you don’t have to take them off every time you want to do something.



Arts & Sciences sophomore Sarah DeCou nails this fall transition look, blending a laurel green anorak-type jacket and a red and blue scarf. While the leaves are still on the trees, green, red and brown hues are particularly appealing to the eye. Instead of letting her coat give her a bulky figure in her torso, she ties a belt around the top of her hips, accentuating her waistline.

A coat with a waistline belt loop can be a nice change from some of the puffier, less-tailored winter coats. With her brown color block boots, she adds more fall colors on the bottom of her outfit and tucks in her jeans. Jeans are a great way to keep warm during the between season because they’re thicker and more protective than leggings but more fashionable and maintainable than winter pants.