Street Style No. 3: Danielle Leventhal

| Staff Reporter
Megan Magray | Student Life

Name: Danielle Leventhal
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Art and Art History
Hometown: Westchester, NY

As cliched as it is, fashion functions as a means of expression. Research suggests that dressing well—or at least, wearing something that you think looks good—increases your confidence and academic performance. So whether you wake up walking on sunshine and radiating glitter and rainbows or you roll out of bed with abstract mascara art smeared across your face, taking time to feel your best pays off. Today, Danielle is dressed to celebrate Easter and the (relatively) sweltering temperatures.

Megan Magray: How do you feel that art and fashion intersect in your personal life?
Danielle Leventhal: Hm…I definitely get dressed in the morning depending on my mood. So people can definitely tell when I’m happy or excited about something…today was really nice out and Easter so I’m wearing a bright dress whereas tomorrow is Monday morning and I’ll probably be wearing black leggings.

MM: How would you describe your style?
DL: I like simple, bright colors, really love polka dots…and I’m not wearing any right now but I usually wear really big chunky jewelry and rings.

MM: Where do you usually shop?
DL: Urban Outfitters, and I love Francesca’s because of their accessories. This [sweater] is Forever 21.

MM: Who’s your style icon, if you have one?
DL: Elle Fanning.

MM: Aw. If you couldn’t live without one piece of clothing or one type of clothing what would it be?
My rings. I’m not wearing any right now…should I say something else then?

MM: Sure—so besides your rings?
DL: Shoes. I think if anything, I’d rather spend money on shoes and accessories and just wear really plain clothes because people notice [accessories] more.

By piecing together basic, bright items with accessories, Danielle essentially embodies happiness. She walks the line between art and aesthetics, and her mood is not only reflected in but also improved by her spring attire.