Cooking with Copy: Pumpkin perfection and grapefruit goodness

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Mary Yang | Student Life

This is the first installment of Cooking with Copy, a new column written by Student Life’s copy chiefs and food fiends, Lauren Cohn and Caro Peguero.

We’re sure you’ve visited Boosters Cafe and eaten the legendary pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, unless you’re a pumpkin purist and order the batch sans chocolate. If you’re feeling extra bold, whip up a stack for yourself. Allow us to explain.

We are pumpkin enthusiasts and have tried two different recipes for your cooking pleasure. We suffered through the burns, the tastings and the multi-tasking to bring you the finest pumpkin treats. As you may have guessed, our first instinct was to mimic the culinary gold that is Boosters’ pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. The recipe is perfect for those with full kitchens at their disposals. A quick Google search led us to the food blog “A Cozy Kitchen,” where we found the winning recipe. Next up was a speedy trip to Schnucks (the Richmond Heights location is open 24 hours a day, so you are never limited to Boosters’ breakfast/brunch-only hours!), and we were on our way.

Mary Yang | Student Life
The verdict? These pancakes were delicious. As in, we would definitely remake them. As in, today we went to Straub’s Markets on a whim and purchased another, albeit overpriced, can of pumpkin in order to make another batch and use the buttermilk we have left over before it expires. The texture of these lovelies is spot-on, the spice level is perfect, and the chocolate adds an addictive twist. You will absolutely not be able to stop at one pancake. We’re not sure anything can really top the perfection Boosters has created, but we’re pretty sure this recipe is the next best thing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind during your pancake party.


1. Limit yourself to one or two pancakes on the griddle at a time.

2. Drop the chocolate chips onto each pancake one at a time instead of all into the batter at the same time.


1. Leave the kitchen area after starting to cook a pancake and begin watching Laguna Beach. Not that we tried this or anything . . . but we have a feeling it would not end well.

2. Over-butter the griddle. You will be tempted to, but don’t do it.

Our second jaunt into the world of pumpkin consisted of making what is arguably the easiest pumpkin recipe in existence—the two-ingredient pumpkin muffins from the food blog “Sweet Verbena,” which we found during one of our procrastination sprees on Pinterest. This recipe entails combining a box of yellow cake mix with a can of pumpkin puree and is ideal for baking in dorm kitchens. To up the ante, we added 1.5 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice and half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips—totally optional but highly recommended.

As far as these muffins go, they were not our favorites, as the texture was rubbery. That said, our taste-testers enjoyed them quite a bit and they were gone from their platter within three minutes. Interpret as you wish.

Mary Yang | Student Life
However, don’t think we’re leaving you with only pumpkin recipes today. As Caro says, “Eating pumpkin means you are stuck in fall, and some people are ready to progress!”

So in order to progress into spring, we dove into the world of citrus and tackled another food trend, one so ubiquitous that it even appeared in this month’s Sauce Magazine, the burnt-broiled-blasted-bruleed grapefruit.

This easy-to-make morning brightener starts with a ruby red grapefruit sliced right down the middle. Next, loosen the grapefruit segments by cutting along their edges (This is much easier to do while the fruit is still cold than after it has been cooked). Finally, sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon liberally over the cut-side-up fruit and stick it in the oven until the sugar starts to brown and bubble. Be prepared to get a little messy, since much of the juice will need to be squeezed from the fruit after eating. It’s worth the mess, though, as we can hardly think of anything more satisfying on a chilly winter morning than the perfect tart/sweet combination of this warming yet refreshing citrus dish.

  • Tom

    Hmm. Yes I agree, adding the chips to the batter is a fool’s errand.

  • jon

    Boosters Cafe! I am so happy to hear it is still going strong (it opened my senior year at Wash. U.) because the owners are so nice and the food is so delicious. And go copy chiefs!