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VIDEO: Juggling Showcase

| Student Life Editors

Junior Jeremy Perkins and almunus Thom Wall ’09, members of the Washington University National Prestigious Society of Collegiate Jugglers, provide instruction on how to juggle. The group hosted a juggling showcase on Friday and Saturday featuring juggles from as far as Sweden and Las Vegas. Watch the video above for a Student Life exclusive.

  • Studentttttt

    I agree with the above commenters. The video is stretched and has bad audio, and does not capture what was wonderful about Jugglefest (but Jeremy and Thom are both very awesome!).

  • Student

    Also – watch the aspect ratio when you’re uploading the video! It’s super distorted. Seriously – if this is the way that you guys are dealing with internet media, maybe you should just stick to print…

  • Student

    Why is this linked from the frontpage as “Juggling Showcase” while it has nothing to do with the juggling showcase whatsoever?

    This is an instructional video. Not a review of the event. What can you tell us about the juggling showcase itself?