Break too short? Ways to recreate spring break on campus

Remember spring break last week? Are you still not over it? Don’t worry.

| Senior Scene Editor

Searching for Mexican food: Where to go depending on your mood

There are tons of different Mexican and Tex-Mex food options located just a short driving distance from the Danforth Campus, so if you’re in the mood for some tacos, don’t fret. Here are some places where you can go depending on what you’re feeling.

| Staff Writer

We ate food in the shower (so that you don’t have to)

Food! We all eat it. Showers! We all take them. But food and showers together?

‘The Right Mistake’ through 2017’s lens

The question is how we overcome that division to solve problems of violence and intolerance in our society. This is the question that main character Socrates Fortlow attempts to answer in the novel “The Right Mistake” by Walter Mosley.

Andie Divelbiss | Contributing Writer

A short primer on George Saunders: or, how to stay hip

In the literary world, the well-known short-story writer George Saunders just released a novel that has found a place on the top spot of the New York Times Best Seller list. So here’s a primer on Saunders and his newest novel, called “Lincoln in the Bardo.”

| Staff Writer

Unconventional post-midterm relaxation techniques

You just turned in that last 6-8 page paper and finally got back that Blue Book from last week’s midterm. You’re probably ready to sit in your bed for six zillion years and FINALLY relax—I know I have a long list of missed TV episodes I need to watch ASAP.

| Staff Writer

Don’t panic about your (lack of) summer plans just yet

For the past three years, I’ve spent the spring panicking about my summer plans. Would I get an internship I liked?

| Senior Scene Editor

A step-by-step guide to visiting Goodwill Outlet

The place that should represent St. Louis is an often-overlooked treasure cove situated in a sleepy industrial area near downtown—it’s the Goodwill Outlet store. Not only do they have a variety of items—clothing, furniture, books, records, movies and even mattresses—but the prices are so ridiculously cheap.

| Senior Scene Editor

Staying hip and tipsy: Which places to take your visiting friends

Having out-of-town friends visit St. Louis is always a delight. That being said, there’s so much pressure on you to make sure that they have a great time.

| Senior Scene Editor

Ramen rush: A comparative look at Hiro Asian Kitchen and Vista Ramen

The past year has seen a strong push for quality ramen restaurants in St. Louis, with several new ramen restaurants opening and others expanding their ramen selections to capitalize on the increased demand. I recently visited one of each type: Hiro Asian Kitchen, a popular bar/restaurant on Washington Avenue, and Vista Ramen, a hip and cozy new eatery on Cherokee Street.

Brock Workman | Food Editor