Too few or too many: What to do with your meal point dilemma

Towards the end of every semester, Washington University students continually face a meal point epidemic. Some students have an excess of meal points and need to somehow dispose of them before the semester ends. Others, like yours truly, are low on meal point funds.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

9 things you should be doing instead of studying for finals

Washington University is a hard school. You’ve worked the entire year and you’re probably feeling burned out. While it is extremely difficult to maintain healthy habits at college, your mental health is important and it has to be a priority. That’s why I planned what your reading period can look like so you don’t have to.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Reporter

‘Dating’ apps: Where social media requires social interaction

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg predicted the rise of Tinder, too. After all, he invented FaceMash, a website that allowed you to compare the physical attractiveness of women for fun.

Isabelle Gillman | Contributing Writer

How to interview your way into everyone’s hearts

Hey there, hi there! Instead of food, today I will give you some advice on how to improve your chances when you are job hunting in college.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Take Back the Night: Unimaginable power contained in simple words

Tonight at 6 p.m. in Graham Chapel, Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education (LIVE), Sexual Harassment and Rape Anonymous Helpline (SARAH), and Student Union are hosting their annual Take Back the Night event.

| Senior Scene Editor

Matt’s Morsels: Green with envy for those vegetables

Vegetables, veggies, that green stuff. Whatever you call it, plants have a crucial role in human diet and are critical in keeping us healthy.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

Man sues plant: An improbable, utterly amusing trial

I’ve always wanted to be summoned for jury duty. It feels to me like one of those quintessential institutions of American democracy, like public libraries and the postal service.

| Staff Writer

Screaming into the void: What we want to replace Doughocracy on the Loop

With the closing of multiple eateries on the Loop, Scene Staff is in mourning.

MSA brings Islam Awareness Week to campus

Washington University’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) just wrapped up its programming for Islam Awareness Week on campus.

| Senior Editor

Katy’s Korner: Stop outing sexual assault survivors. Sincerely, Survivors

What do I do if my friends keep outing me as a sexual assault survivor? It’s something that takes me a lot of time to be comfortable telling people, so I’m not okay with it being talked about before I’m ready. I don’t want to lose friends over this, but I also don’t want to have to sacrifice my anonymity.

| Senior Scene Editor