Change in the weather: New artwork arrives on campus

Another day, another mysterious structure on campus. Most recently, Washington University students have wondered about the appearance of what at first glance looks to be a collection of metal poles just north of Olin Library.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

Matt’s Morsels: Egg-static for omelettes

I’ll be honest: I don’t like breakfast. It mostly stems from my hatred of cereal and milk, but that’s a different fight for a different day. What I do love about breakfast is omelettes. Endlessly customizable and satisfying, omelettes are the blank canvas that early morning food art is made on.

| Staff Columnist

Saying goodbye to Publico and fancy Loop food (for now)

I love sitting at a table with friends, eating food that you can talk about and savoring it. I did so the other night at Publico, which is closing Dec. 22, and which is what I consider the last such restaurant on the Delmar Loop.

| Editor-in-Chief

Katy’s Korner: Holiday gifts don’t have to come with stress or strings

You might be used to giving gifts to all of your family members and friends. You might be used to having to pay for them. Maybe you never did gifts with your friends, or your parents would pay for the gifts. Everyone comes into this time of year with different things they expect of their friends and family.

| Senior Scene Editor

Justin Baldoni speaks to sexual violence at Trending Topics event

Justin Baldoni walked onto Graham Chapel’s stage last night coffee in hand, wearing a denim jacket and classic flannel shirt, looking more like he was ready to join a friend for a “catch up at the cafe” rather than speak at an event. And that was definitely the vibe of Baldoni’s talk on traditional masculinity.

Megha Uberoi | Contributing Writer

Life after death: Inside the afterlife of the East End pin oaks

Twenty-five miles from their original home at the Tyson Research Center in Eureka, Mo., the pin oaks—or what is left of them, at least—lie in storage, waiting for a homecoming.

| Associate Editor

Video: The Failure Friends become the better, freer version of Postmates

Watch as the Failure Friends embark on a new business venture

HN Hoffmann | Digital Contributor

‘Meet me at the Bunny’: The history of the iconic campus statue

Though “the Bunny” might not be as popular of a meeting spot as the First Year Center wants you to believe, it is still one of the most beloved art installations on the Danforth Campus.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

Winter self-care tidbits to combat SAD during finals

For all of the Bears out there who feel like doing nothing but hibernating this finals season, there are many ways to combat winter blues. Whether you have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or you’ve just been feeling down lately, here are some tips to help you snap back and finish the semester strong.

Madhu Kandasamy | Contributing Writer

A convoluted map of the connecting paths to get you through the winter

Well friends, November’s biting chill is upon us, and it feels like winter hit us with the force of an icy freight train. Near-freezing temperatures have suddenly become the norm, and Washington University students have begun bundling up to the eyes. I mapped out the connections between buildings, from sky bridges to secret tunnels, so you can spend as little time out in the bitter Missouri air as possible.

Elizabeth Phelan | Contributing Writer