Pop the Bubble: An Introduction

This column will highlight a variety of the cool places, events and experiences St. Louis has to offer to provide a “to-do” list of sorts for the St. Louis scene. Check out future issues of Student Life for the “Pop the Bubble” column, a new regular Scene feature.

Jessica Bluedorn | Contributing Writer

An official guide to dorm decor

Having a place to call home in St. Louis is important to making it through the year with your peace of mind intact. It’s amazing what a few minor improvements can do to a room.

| Senior Scene Editor

Your guide to surviving finals

Laura Harvey Snack: I like to sneak food into Olin Library so that I don’t have to resort to the same foods from Whispers that I constantly eat. I generally tuck Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins into my backpack because they’re healthy(ish) and provide energy but are still yummy. And then, of course, it’s all about coffee. The more, the better.

Scene Staff

What to do with a summer in STL

As students, we have relatively few opportunities to explore the local area given the stress of Washington University courses. Sometimes, by the middle of the semester, I forget that life exists beyond Clayton and University City.

| Senior Scene Editor

A trip to The Old Rock House

Looking for something new to try this weekend? Bored with the same old spots on the Delmar Loop? This week’s suggestion to pop your Washington University bubble is the Old Rock House, located downtown at 1200 South 7th St. One of this venue’s best quirks is its colorful history dating back to its founding in 1818 as a fur-trading warehouse.

Jessie Bluedorn | Contributing Writer

Bookflix: A guide to summer binge reading

‘Star Trek,’ ‘Firefly’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ read… ‘Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas’ by John Scalzi Scalzi is one of my favorite authors because of his offbeat, hysterically funny approach to the genre of science fiction. “Redshirts” is a stand-alone novel that satirizes the tropes of “Star Trek” in a brilliant and sneakily existential way.

Eliana Goldstein | Contributing Reporter

Street Style No. 3: Danielle Leventhal

Name: Danielle Leventhal Year: Sophomore Majors: Art and Art History Hometown: Westchester, NY As cliched as it is, fashion functions as a means of expression. Research suggests that dressing well—or at least, wearing something that you think looks good—increases your confidence and academic performance. So whether you wake up walking on sunshine and radiating glitter […]

| Staff Reporter

Bazaar showcases south asian culture on campus

Colored cloth, streamers and balloons covered the better part of Tisch Commons on Friday evening as Ashoka held its annual “WUrld Bazaar” event. This year’s Bazaar was even more expansive than usual, with Ashoka collaborating with other cultural groups like the Association of Latin American Students, African Student Association and Hindi Student Association.

It was all Greek to me: What we discovered about sororities by joining them

As the semester comes to a close, hundreds of Washington University women are completing their first semesters as members of the Greek community. Joining a sorority, though a common choice on campus, often brings with it unexpected elements. It seems that many women don’t know what to expect from their experience.

Scene Staff

At long last: My parents’ first visit to Wash. U.

Throughout this year, my first at Washington University, it has been difficult to fully share my experience with my parents. They’ve never met the friends whose names I mention, attended the classes I discuss or known the pain of working in the B-stacks at 3 a.m.

| Senior Scene Editor