Shine on, you crazy catalog: A farewell to SkyMall

Even though SkyMall is unlikely to survive against an intensely competitive online retail arena, the company does have a website where you can find its entire weird selection: Although many of the products will soon be available on Amazon, we suggest purchasing a few SkyMall signatures before the company is no more.

| Staff Writer

Eat this, not that! Green Monday edition

The Green Monday pledge asks students to eat vegetarian meals at least every Monday, in the interest of promoting sustainability and reducing the University’s carbon footprint. Check out this list of the best vegetarian meal alternatives from around campus and take the pledge without fear!

| Movies Editor

Pikers celebrate 30 years of entertainment on campus

This past weekend, the oldest a cappella group on Washington University’s campus celebrated its 30th anniversary with bagpipes, 50 Cent melodies and fireworks greeting viewers at the exit of Jammin’ Toast, The Pikers’ biggest concert of the year.

| Contributing Writer

Sam Durant and historical memory

The exhibit is on loan from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In the exhibit, Durant reimagines 30 monuments to dead white and Native Americans, transposing them from their original locations to the National Mall. Nearly all of the monuments—25 of the 30—commemorate white-American death while only five commemorate native death.

| Senior Scene Editor

Star Clipper to close its doors

The store was an integral part of the Loop community because it was a reader’s store instead of a collector’s store, meaning customers weren’t simply buying vintage comics to re-sell but to actually read them. The staff was always on top of trends and well informed when talking with customers about the books they were buying.

Erica Sloan | Staff Reporter

Street Style: Minimalist layers and more

Even when you don’t have time for lots of preparation, you can still impress during your first few weeks of classes, like those featured in this week’s Street Style. So pull the clothes out of your dresser, put your hair down and get ready for a fashionable semester.

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Spotlight on Design For America: Human-centered design at Wash. U.

Design for America challenges its members to create solutions through human-centered design, a highly researched and detailed approach to design which focuses on socially conscious problem solving. Senior Alex Mei and juniors Libby Perold and Julia Kong began their application to DFA’s national studio in 2013, and Wash. U. received an official DFA studio in May of 2014.

Maisie Heine | Contributing Writer

They’ve got Seoul

Since expanding from a food truck to a sit-down restaurant in 2012, Seoul Taco has become a staple in many Washington University students’ diets. Given its success, it comes as little surprise that the restaurant has upgraded to a bigger, better location.

Maisie Heine | Contributing Reporter

First stop back

Sometimes the hometown Subway and the Dillard’s at the mall just don’t cut it. From Delmar Loop classics to campus necessities, here are a few of Scene’s first stops when we get back in town.

Scene Staff

The sweet battle: Insomnia Cookies vs. Dough to Door

Both establishments make their cookies in small batches and serve them fresh. If you are a cookie lover like me and many other Washington University students, prepare yourself for the ultimate cookie showdown.

Momo Hu | Contributing Writer