Rize creates outlet for Black student voices

For sophomore and Rize editor-in-chief Efua Osei, the inspiration for Rize came from publications that existed on campus decades ago. When examining Washington University archives for a class this past August, Osei discovered multiple Black student publications, including the Black Collegian, which was published from 1968 to 1971.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

Soup, symptoms and sneezes: Seven signs you know it’s flu season at WU

Your semester’s just starting to pick up, and you’re super stressed because midterms are two weeks away. In the midst of all of that, you realize you’re sick! Here are eight telltale signs it’s flu season at Washington University.

Jordan Coley | Student Life

Diaries of an overworked student: Adventures in birth control: College edition

If you find the right brand for you (and there are dozens), birth control can be great: It’s been proven to help with acne; it regulates periods; and it can even help relieve some of the more painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS.) But what people don’t really tell you is that sometimes birth control isn’t great, and unfortunately, that was the case with me.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Columnist

The answers to all your itching and burning sex questions

Sex education isn’t something that students are guaranteed to have before coming to college. Even those who do get it are still liable to have questions while in school. Sex is even sexier when the people participating are informed, so Student Life decided to interview Ashley Kuykendall, the Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at Habif Health and Wellness Center. She shared with us just a bit of her vast knowledge on sexual health gained from working in the field of sex ed with college students for seven years.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘A lack of access:’ A look at STD/STI rates in St. Louis

St. Louis has long been known as the sexually transmitted disease (STD) and infection (STI) capital of the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent STD Surveillance report, released in September 2017, St. Louis City ranks highest in the nation for the chlamydia infection, which appeared in about one in every 72 St. Louis City residents, and gonorrhea, which had a rate of one in every 133 residents.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

The questions Datamatch should have asked to help us find love

Valentine’s Day has arrived. Love is in the air. Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of it through the Datamatch results that were released this morning. Or maybe you think that regardless of how funny some of the questions may have been, online algorithms will never help you find that special someone. Or maybe you didn’t even consider doing it. Either way, we know you probably have some thoughts on the survey. Here’s what we think Datamatch should have asked

Scene Staff

RelationTips with Jordan: Dormcest is never a good idea, unless you live in Umrath

From the moment they commit to Wash.U., first-year students are enamored with the new world of freedom they’re walking into. In addition to walking into freedom, they’ll also walk into dorms. With this comes the infamous concept of becoming romantically involved with someone who lives in your building: dormcest.

Jordan Coley | Staff Columnist

WUSlam hosts a riveting and vulnerable night of spoken word poetry

Washington University’s spoken word poetry group WUSlam hosted their annual Spring Slam, an event in which seven members from their performance crew performed original poems, February 8 in Graham Chapel. This three-round slam was competitive: Two poets were eliminated after the second round, and the remaining five poets competed in the final round for first, second and third place.

Jordan Coley | Contributing Writer

Foodies unite: WU food blogger @lynniethefoodie

St. Louis stands as one of the country’s most vibrant food centers, and one Washington University student is making the most of it. For food blogger and senior Lynette Chen (Instagram: @lynniethefoodie), food is more than just a part of life—it has also become a personal passion.

Madhu Kandasamy | Contributing Writer

RelationTips with Jordan: Cute ideas for your Valentine’s Day date

To save you time and probably a good deal of stress, I’ve compiled a list of some pretty cute date ideas in the St. Louis area.

Jordan Coley | Staff Columnist