Treasure hunt on Hampton Ave

Growing up, I had all the normal desserts in my lunch box—cookies, cupcakes, even the pre-packaged ones like Cosmic Brownies and Swiss Rolls. There was just one I didn’t have: Twinkies.

| Managing Editor

I just want to check in; how are you feeling right now?

Since Longyear’s death, strides have been made to better improve mental health resources and their visibility on Wash. U.’s campus… But still, those additions are reactionary, with students only taking advantage of them after they’ve been pushed past a breaking point.

| Senior Editor

Listen while you walk: Audiobooks for your pleasure

As an avid reader and lover of literature, I know as well as anyone how hard it is to keep up reading for pleasure in college. Luckily, in our multimedia world, audiobooks offer the chance to read in between tests, papers and extracurricular activities.

Andie Divelbiss | Staff Writer

Challenging an institution

Title IX had passed nearly 20 years earlier in 1972, but the 80-plus-year-old honorary had yet to open its doors to women.

| Editor-in-Chief

Meet the President

When Sydney Robinson talks about SU, she’s regal, serious. When she talks about schoolwork, she’s optimistic, idealistic. The first sophomore to assume the presidency since 2003, she recognizes the responsibility of the position she’s taking on.

| Senior Scene Editor

Finding hidden gems in St. Louis: Mariscos el Gato

When researching for a restaurant to review for what is likely my last Student Life review, a tiny picture on the internet of a seafood bowl caught my eye. That bowl belonged to a restaurant named Mariscos el Gato.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

A fashionable exit: How Armour’s seniors rebranded their story

Armour has evolved quite a bit in the last six years. Read about their total rebranding.

| Senior Scene Editor

Poetry and pornography

When a classmate and I found ourselves at a poetry reading on Cherokee Street recently (one of my classes requires me to attend an off-campus poetry reading), it was nothing at all like what we were expecting.

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer

Learning local women’s stories through ‘Out of Silence’

“Out of Silence” aims to destigmatize abortion and normalize the sharing of abortion stories by providing a venue to explore the intimate and personal details inherent in these experiences.

Victoria Albert | Contributing Writer

A procrastinator’s guide: Things to do instead of writing your paper

You have this paper to write—this paper you’ve been putting off writing for the past week-and-a-half because you just don’t know where to start and because the subject matter isn’t very interesting and because, well, you’ve finally gotten into “The Office.” But now, you’re running out of episodes of “The Office” to watch, and you’re looking for something else to do with your time instead of actually writing the paper.

| Editor-in-Chief