WU elects SU exec for 2018-2019 academic year

Meghan Sharma | Breaking News Editor

Junior Grace Egbo will serve as Student Union president for the 2018-2019 year. Egbo is currently a member of Treasury and attained 50.5 percent of the vote (967 of 1913), beating out junior Anthony Scales (19.6 percent) and freshman Joe Rogan (25.2 percent).

Winning with 92.3 percent of the vote in an uncontested election, freshman Steven Kish will serve as vice president of administration. Kish has served as Student Union election commissioner this past year.

Junior Rory Mather will serve as vice president of public relations after winning 89.8 percent of the vote in an uncontested race. Mather served several terms on the Senate, beginning his freshman year, and is currently a Treasury representative.

Charlotte Pohl, a freshman, was elected as a write-in candidate for vice president of programming after no candidates ran for the position. Pohl garnered 80 write-in votes, surpassing the 75-vote threshold required of write-ins. Pohl currently serves as vice president of Eliot College Council.

The vice president of finance will be appointed at a later date. This position had no candidates during this year’s election.

In addition to the Student Union executive positions, Campus Y, Emergency Support Team and Uncle Joe’s garnered the requisite number of votes to receive block funding for the coming school year.