BREAKING: SU president files report of sexually inappropriate, anti-Semitic comments from senators, class council reps

| Senior News Editor

After learning of possible anti-Semitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by members of Student Union, SU President and senior Kenneth Sng filed a report earlier today to the Office of Campus Life and the Constitutional Council. Sng received complaint from SU officials regarding four members of Student Union and reported the incidences, although a next course of action has not been determined.

Involved officers, who belong to Senate and class councils, have been notified of the report, and Con Council and Campus Life will determine the next steps.

In an email delivered to the student body this evening, Sng said that SU takes these charges seriously and will hold involved officers accountable.

“We at Student Union view these incidents very seriously, not only because of how these remarks made members of the community feel uncomfortable and marginalized but also because of how it reflects on the larger culture of the group,” Sng wrote in his email.

Sng added that this event indicates broader problems within the campus climate which must be addressed.

“The occurrence of such incidents anywhere is a reflection upon the broader culture of our school community. We are all responsible for creating an environment in which every student, regardless of identity, feels comfortable and welcome in this place that we call home,” he wrote.

In a statement to Student Life, Sng noted that this report is unrelated from the recent resignations of SU’s vice president of administration and three members of the Junior Class Council.


  • KC

    The Speaker of the Senate needs to resign! Vote of lost confidence. He has consistently allowed Senate to fall into such a dilapidated and unfortunate state.

  • John

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. SU and StudLife are basically defaming these students without a trial. Even though no names are used, it’s only a matter of time before they come out. Obviously, if these students said racist or derogatory comments, they should face consequences and maybe even be removed from their positions. But to turn a bias report into a publicity stunt about how SU is accepting and progressive is just disgusting. If this were another judicial proceeding such as a sexual assault report or academic integrity violation, it would be handled quietly and appropriately and the parties would seek justice through the proper channels. In what world is it ok for SU to email the entire school and for StudLife to publish an article regarding an offensive speech report?

    Take it to Con Council and the Office of Student Life. Let the students know that what they did is inappropriate. But this sort of public shaming is unacceptable. SU should be ashamed of itself.

    • Joe Smith

      The lady doth protest too much, methinks