SU passes 2014-15 general budget with no reps opposed

| Senior News Editor

In two back-to-back votes, Student Union Senate and Treasury passed the general budget for the 2014-15 year without a single representative in opposition.

Passed Tuesday night, the budget allocates an estimated $2,821,975 in funding that SU will receive in student activities fees from students coming to the University next year. That marks an increase of about $200,000 from the current year’s budget.

While most of the general budget remains the same as in the past, the 2014-15 budget allocates about $60,000 more for W.I.L.D. talent and operations, $2,000 more for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class Councils, and $30,000 more for SU staff compensation. Meanwhile, funding for Bauhaus was cut from the Architecture School Council’s budget, Gargoyle concert funding was cut more than $20,000, and SU allocated less money for office supplies and phone and Internet costs.

The vote in Treasury was 18-0-0, and the vote in Senate was 18-0-1.

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