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Mama’s Pot Roast funded for 15 percent of original appeal

When Mama’s Pot Roast came to Tuesday night’s Treasury meeting, they were hoping to receive $16,050 for two 20th anniversary shows, two workshops and an alumni networking session and panel.

Upon exiting, the group was funded for $2,400, effectively funding only essential elements for the improvisational and sketch comedy shows as well as a stipend for the two alumni who will be leading workshops.

Treasury representatives raised concerns about the extensive funding visiting alumni would receive under the original appeal, and expressed uncertainty that the events, which were to be held during Alumni Weekend, could draw the expected attendance of 300 students when competing against student programming like Relay for Life and Thurtene Carnival.

Part of the appeal that quickly got cut was a $300 stipend for 25 University and Mama’s Pot Roast alumni to come in addition to the 27 alumni that have already committed to participate. The stipends would have covered travel, T-shirts and multiple meals for each alumnus.

Junior Cassie Roberts, a Mama’s Pot Roast member, said that the event was primarily for students, although it was to be held during Alumni Weekend.

Many Treasury representatives, however, felt it was inappropriate to use the student-activities-fee-funded appeals account to offer direct stipends to alumni.

“A lot of expenses I’m not comfortable with, like t-shirts, [Student Union] doesn’t do t-shirts. I’m also not sure how comfortable I am in funding events for alumni,” senior and Treasury representative Divya Verma said. “They’re not paying the student activities fee.”

“There’s very little student value to bring more than the alumni for the masters classes,” junior and Treasury representative Ish Fofana said.

Roberts also said she expected turnout at Mama’s Pot Roast’s events to be high, despite the competition with other Alumni Weekend events.

“We’re definitely going to be a presence on campus this weekend,” Roberts said. “Just the fact there are so many alumni that are going to be involved, they’re going to know people on campus who will want to see them.”

The final appeal eliminated the food, T-shirts and travel expenses for the alumni not involved in the two main workshops, called masters programs.

“I completely agree with the proposal for $2,400. They need the audio/visual to put on the event, and we’re bringing the masters people which caters more to the Wash. U. population,” freshman and treasury representative Brody Roush said.

Despite the substantial cuts, some treasury representatives believed the remaining appeal still needed to be properly vetted.

“$2,400 is still a considerable amount of money even though we cut from $16,400, so I’d want Treasury to still think carefully about it,” Verma said.

The final vote on the appeal was 16-0-0.


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