SU inaugurates Progress Slate

Manvitha Marni | Staff Reporter
Rahee Nerurkar | Student Life

Student Union kicked off its new term with the inauguration of new officers in Holmes Lounge Wednesday night.

The inauguration ceremony opened with an address by Associate Vice Chancellor for Students Jill Carnaghi as well as a brief statement by Chancellor Mark Wrighton. Outgoing SU president Julian Nicks then delivered his farewell address before the swearing in of new officers began.

Though most of the elected students were present, some re-elected officials were not in attendance. Also absent were senators for the art and architecture schools, which had no candidates at the time of elections.

Throughout the ceremony, speakers responded to the February 27 incident in Bear’s Den by calling on the new officers to help promote an inclusive campus.

“In light of recent events, many members of our community have begun to realize that Wash. U….is not perfect,” Nicks said. “There is much work ahead for both Student Union and every single one of us here at Wash. U.”

“It takes each and every one of us to build an inclusive and welcoming community,” he added. “It takes each of us actually listening and getting to know one another to create continued progress.”

Matt Re, incoming SU president, also spoke of the role that SU would play in building such a community.

“Student Union helps create the campus community students are calling for—one that values academics, inclusion, diversity, social experiences and mutual respect and understanding for others. That is the Student Union I envision leading this next year.”

He also spoke about the platform of Progress Slate, on which he ran, emphasizing his desire to make SU more accessible to students.

“Too often, SU focuses just on student groups and not on students, who are our constituency,” Re said. He also stated that he was willing to meet with students who wanted to share their opinions even if they did not have suggestions for major changes in SU.

The inauguration wrapped up with a dinner and the informal presentation of lighthearted paper plate awards to the outgoing officers.

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    Who cares really? The last time SU made an impact on campus was those so called ‘pedestrian/bike lanes’ and no one even noticed.