Student Union Senate speaker resigns after two semesters

Junior Ben Hauser, Student Union Senate’s Speaker for the past two semesters, resigned following this weekend’s general budget proceedings.

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SU launches investigation into reported anti-Semitic, sexually inappropriate comments

After learning of possible anti-Semitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by members of Student Union, SU President and senior Kenneth Sng filed a report to the Office of Campus Life and the Constitutional Council Monday.

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BREAKING: SU president files report of sexually inappropriate, anti-Semitic comments from senators, class council reps

After learning of antisemitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by members of Student Union, SU President and senior Kenneth Sng filed a report earlier today.

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Three members of Junior Class Council resign

Three members of Student Union’s Junior Class Council resigned Thursday night, citing other responsibilities which they said led to an inability to fulfill their roles effectively.

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2017-2018 general budget passed by Senate and Treasury

Student Union allocated almost $3.5 million Sunday night, funding two WILDs, nixing a Social Programming Board’s proposed welcome week concert and doubling the Trending Topics budget following daylong Saturday and Sunday joint sessions of Treasury and Senate.

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New SU VP Admin gears up for spring election efforts

As Student Union’s new Vice President of Administration, senior Cary Cheng hopes to make sure that students run and vote in the upcoming SU election.

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Senate, Treasury to vote on 2017-2018 budget

Senate and Treasury will vote on the 2017-2018 budget this upcoming Sunday, a procedure that led to the cancellation of 2016 fall WILD last year.

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BREAKING: SU selects new VP Admin

Senior and Student Union Chief of Staff Cary Cheng will serve as SU’s new Vice President of Administration after being confirmed by Senate and Treasury tonight. Cheng’s appointment comes following the resignation of junior Sankalp Kapur last Tuesday.

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SU vice president of administration resigns, hunt for replacement begins

Junior Sankalp Kapur resigned from his position as Student Union vice president of administration Tuesday, senior and SU President Kenneth Sng announced in a press release.

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Petitions for SU block funding open

In advance of Student Union’s general budget session, four student groups have chosen to apply for block funding: Habitat for Humanity, Campus Y, Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Emergency Support Team.

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