Student groups petition to receive block funding

Each of the groups petitioning—Uncle Joe’s, Emergency Support Team (EST), Lucidity, Campus Y, Bear Discounts and WUnderground—must receive 1,071 signatures, fifteen percent of the student body, by Feb. 22. Then, their budget is voted on by the student body in the SU spring election. If it passes with a two-thirds student vote, their petition is funded.

Jayla Butler | Contributing Reporter

Ken Jeong to headline spring Comedy Show

Jeong, known for his roles in the “Hangover” movie series and the cult TV comedy “Community,” will follow after a student opener. Submissions to perform before Jeong are open to Washington University undergraduates. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Aiden Blinn | Staff Reporter

Student Union releases general budget proposal

Student Union released its 2019-2020 general budget proposal, which lists out students’ requests for funds from the student activities fee, in an email to the student body Feb. 4.

| Senior Editor

SU finance implements new funding categories

Student Union introduced two new funding categories for SU-recognized student groups last week.

| Senior News Editor

Streamlining amendment passes, block funding amendment fails in SU special election

An amendment to streamline the Student Union constitution passed in a special election Friday, while a proposed amendment to reduce the number of signatures required for a student group to get on the ballot for block funding failed.

Jayla Butler | Contributing Reporter

Student Union Treasury considers creation of new funding category

Student Union Treasury is considering changing the funding structure for student groups, it announced over winter break.

The proposed funding category would allocate a fixed dollar amount to Category II student groups instead of going through the formal budget process. If implemented, Category II student groups would have the option to opt into this new category and budget process.

| Senior News Editor

Student Union Senate establishes Black Caucus

Student Union Senate will establish a Black Caucus to advocate for black students and other underrepresented minorities, senators announced Tuesday.

| Senior Editor

SPB announces goals and action items to increase diversity outreach

Social Programming Board President sophomore Adin Ehrlich announced the group’s new goals and action items to increase diversity outreach in an email sent to the student body Nov. 15.

| News Editor

WashU Votes and SU host Party at the Polls

WashU Votes, an arm of the Washington University Gephardt Institute, teamed up with Student Union to host a Party at the Polls event during the national midterm elections Nov. 6.

| Senior News Editor

Turnout down in SU Senate, Treasury, ArtSci elections

The election filled all open Senate seats, 10 of the 11 open Treasury seats and one ArtSci Council seat, leaving five spots open on the council.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter