SU limits funding for under-spending groups

Student groups and their piggy banks will find themselves affected by broad-reaching changes announced at the Student Union’s first-ever Budget Open Forum on Friday.

Emma Boczek | Contributing Reporter

Carry-forward funds used for new campus initiatives

For the second year in a row, Student Union’s leftover funds at the end of the academic year totaled over $250,000, but this time, the carry-forward funds will be distributed to various organizations and departments around campus.

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New SU Executive Board eyes stronger bonds, better engagement with students: Eliminating slates, improving SU website part of Elevate!’s agenda

The newly elected board of Student Union executive officers is a group of SU insiders hoping to cut bureaucracy where numerous exec slates before them have failed. Junior Emma Tyler, former president of Social Programming Board, was elected president and will succeed current president Matt Re on Thursday, April 3.

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Elevate! wins SU Exec election

Elevate! won election for all five Student Union Exec positions, SU announced Thursday evening. Junior Emma Tyler, former president of Social Programming Board, was elected president and will succeed current president Matt Re later in April.

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Student Union debates draw negligible interest

For the 20 or so people present, things got serious in room 276 of the Danforth University Center Monday night, even as music and laughs could be heard from the “Frozen” movie screening down below. The event was a debate between Connection Slate and Elevate! Slate, the two contesting slates for this year’s Student Union executive board election.

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SU Exec race sees renewed competition while class councils run unopposed

In stark contrast to last year’s ballot, this year the Student Union executive board is contested for all five positions. The competition is between the Elevate! slate led by junior and current Social Programming Board President, Emma Tyler, and the Connection slate, led by Junior Class Council President Will Rawls.

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SU general budget passes with W.I.L.D. increase, no funding for Bauhaus

In a vote with no opposition Tuesday night, Student Union Treasury and Senate passed a general budget that saw an increase in W.I.L.D. talent funding but eliminated Bauhaus’ direct funding. The budget was passed 18-0-0 in Treasury and 18-0-1 in Senate. The budget of $2,685,109.

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SU passes 2014-15 general budget with no reps opposed

In two back-to-back votes, Student Union Senate and Treasury passed the general budget for the 2014-15 year without a single representative in opposition. Passed Tuesday night, the budget allocates an estimated $2,821,975 in funding that SU will receive in Student Activities Fees for students coming to the University next year.

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SU re-times elections in attempt to increase interest

By moving its spring elections to later in the semester, Student Union hopes to improve on the 27 percent voter turnout from last year. While elections were held before spring break each of the past three years, this year’s will be held on Wednesday, March 26, and Thursday, March 27.

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Amendment to diversify Treasury passes by wide margin

In a 375-80 landslide, undergraduates voted to approve changes to the Student Union constitution that aim to diversify SU Treasury.

Dylan Bassett