BREAKING: Men’s soccer team suspended indefinitely, under investigation

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Washington University is launching an investigation into allegations of “inappropriate behavior” by the men’s soccer team towards members of the women’s soccer team, according to a statement released by the University Friday night.

The allegations, brought to the University and the teams’ coaches by the women’s team Wednesday evening, include an online document created by members of the 2015 team that included “degrading and sexually explicit comments” about the members of the women’s team as well as “other inappropriate behavior that perpetuates a culture of disrespect toward women,” according to the University’s statement.

While the investigation is underway, the men’s team will be suspended from all activities, and subsequent action may be taken dependent on the outcome of the investigation, the statement adds.

These allegations come following similar incidents involving sports teams at other universities around the country, like recently at Harvard University, where the end of the men’s soccer team’s season was canceled due to similar behavior towards the women’s team.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

See the full statement below:

Washington University in St. Louis has suspended indefinitely all activities of its men’s soccer team, following serious allegations raised by members of the women’s soccer team of inappropriate behavior directed toward them.

The women’s soccer team first reported the allegations to university administrators and the teams’ coaches on Wednesday evening, and the university immediately launched a full investigation, which is ongoing. While the investigation is underway, the university has informed the men’s soccer team that, effective immediately and until further notice, it will be prohibited from participating in team activities of any nature. This is merely a preliminary action; subsequent actions may be taken, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

“We are saddened and deeply troubled by these allegations and are taking them very seriously,” said Lori S. White, vice chancellor for student affairs “Let me be clear: There is absolutely no place at Washington University for sexism, discrimination or harassment of any kind. This alleged behavior flies in the face of the university’s core values of community support, diversity and inclusion, and we are firmly committed to conducting a timely and thorough investigation to address this matter.”

The allegations leveled by the women’s team refer to degrading and sexually explicit comments being written about them in 2015 by members of the men’s team in an online document, and other inappropriate behavior that perpetuates a culture of disrespect toward women.

“We must respect the integrity of the investigative process and carefully review the findings as they become available; however, these allegations suggest an unacceptable culture within our men’s soccer program,” said Provost Holden Thorp. “We have no choice at this point but to put a halt to all team activities – indefinitely – while we conclude the investigation and determine the most appropriate next steps.”

  • Jason Zuke

    Uh yeah, I already have graduate school interviews lined up, and I’ve done 18 months of research in a microbial genetics lab that studies cell size regulation in E. coli and B. subtilis?

  • plastic_jeezus

    so…um…no assault, physical contact of any kind, nor any talk or threats of harm…it was “sexually explicit comments”?…words?….a document?

    “…and other inappropriate behavior that perpetuates a culture of disrespect toward women.”

    so the two ugly ones complained….got it

  • Bellanca

    Yeah, tell me again how women don’t discuss the … dimensions … of male athletes. How women jocks are in the locker room reading Emily Dickinson to each other and parsing Susan Sontag. How women soccer players don’t rank the sexual attractiveness of male athletes. Do tell.

    There’s no reason any longer to send a boy to college. Neo-marxist feminist psychos have tasked themselves with the reprogramming of half the population.

    On the bright side, boys can use the women’s locker room if they call themselves girls. Yay.

    $65K per year for this. And that’s after tax, so it’s really $130K.

    • Jason Zuke

      A university not wanting to support a team that is (allegedly) engaging in flagrantly sexist behavior does not reflect “Neo-Marxist Feminist” reprogramming of all men, since people can easily be against sexism without being Neo-Marxist or even Feminist.

      If there was sufficient evidence of the women’s team being similarly sexist, an investigation would certainly take place, so you talking about their locker room conversations isn’t particularly relevant, is it? Also you have no idea what the women’s team talks about, since you clearly aren’t a member of the team.

      I also fail to see what relevance transgender bathroom issues has here, since again, this is about a specific online document with (allegedly) sexist behavior. And transgendered people using bathrooms that reflect their perceived gender doesn’t actually affect anyone else, so even if you don’t accept the legitimacy of trans people, why do you care?

      Finally, I graduated from WashU in 2015 and can tell you first hand that there was no campaign of reprogramming going on. We were encouraged to see issues from multiple perspectives and to try to be as understanding as possible, but I was never once told to be a Marxist or a Feminist from any faculty or staff member I had conversations with, or that these theories were the “correct” ones. Universities still value evidence-based discourse on all issues, and as someone about to be going to grad school for microbiolgy, I’m a product of such teachings.

      • Maximus300

        You do not get it, do you. The problem is that all the women had to do was make an allegation supported by an online document that may or may not have been created or contributed to by certain members of the current men’s soccer team. Rather then do the work necessary to figure out which people on the current team (if any) are responsible the administration just assumes everyone is guilty until prove innocent (if they can in a kangaroo court) and punishes the entire team for maybe the antics of a few. The ASSUMPTION is the problem. The damage is real and it needs to be stopped and order restored with the presumption of innocence.