Tentative agreement reached between adjuncts and WU, adjunct walkout now victory rally

| Contributing Reporter

Adjuncts and Washington University officials reached a tentative agreement subject to ratification this afternoon, which prompted tomorrow’s schedule walkout to be replaced with a victory rally.

The adjunct walkout, which was scheduled for Thursday at noon, was intended to display student dedication to the issue of adjunct pay and treatment. Now, organizers are shifting the tone of the walkout.

According to adjunct instructor and bargaining committee member Dustin Iler, there is no longer a need for students and faculty to walk out of classes for the adjuncts’ cause. Instead, he suggested, University members should gather in front of Olin Library to celebrate the agreement.

While specific details of the agreement have yet to be released, Iler stated that the minimum pay has been raised and each represented adjunct will receive a pay increase over a four-year period of time. Appointment, job security and increased access to facilities were also negotiated.

With an agreement reached, senior Christian Ralph, a member of the Student Worker Alliance (SWA), hopes to raise awareness about the nationwide push for an increase in minimum wage.

“I think we need to shift to talking about the Fight for 15. I think it’s an international day for raising minimum wage,” Ralph said. “Most of the members of SWA and a few members of the University are going to be going out to the rally downtown…we’ll see if we can get a few people to come out for that.”

University administration has released a statement in response to the tentative agreement.

“[The agreement] provides the necessary flexibility for the University to continue to manage our educational offering. It also provides fair increases in our per course compensation structure,” the statement reads.

The statement from the University also says that they and members of the bargaining unit must ratify the tentative agreement before any action, but that they hope the outcome is positive.

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