Mark Smith promotion adds oversight of Int’l Students Office


The director of Washington University’s Career Center has picked up another position and title that adds overseeing the Office for International Students and Scholars to his job description.

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of the Career Center Mark Smith said his new appointment to associate vice chancellor for students, announced Tuesday, will allow the Career Center to work more closely with international students who often struggle with career prospects after graduation.

“If you’re an international student, the United States government has made it difficult to stay in the United States,” Smith said. “It gives me another way to interact with students and to kind of help them on their post-grad plans as well as while they’re here.”

Kathy Steiner-Lang, director of the Office for International Students and Scholars, said she looks forward to working with Smith.

“He’s been with the University in lots of different capacities, so he has a really broad knowledge of the University and how things work here,” Steiner-Lang said. “In the last few years [we’ve been] really looking at career issues for international students, so that will, I think, will probably be something we’ll be working on more closely.”

“Basically everything that students are involved in while they’re here really builds up to what happens after they graduate,” she added. “Mark’s been very involved in making sure that, all along, students have had a good experience.”

Smith said he was approached about the job around four months ago and that his 14 years as an associate dean at the law school will benefit a smooth transition into the job.

“When I was over at the law school, I had all the different functions of the law school—the student services—report to me,” Smith said. “The last eight years or so, I’ve just focused on the career services aspect, but it’s nice to kind of go back, do some broader things as well.”

Smith’s office will continue to be in the Career Center, where he will focus the majority of his effort.