WUStock moves to March 24

Students are generally ambivalent to this year’s WUStock concert featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis being rescheduled from Saturday, April 6 to Sunday, March 24.

Macklemore’s agent contacted WUStock organizers last weekend requesting the change due to a conflicting publicity event.

By Monday, they managed to change the date of the concert to accommodate the conflict. The Congress of the South 40 announced the new concert date on Friday.

“He wanted to move the dates, and we just did him a favor—also because we really wanted to keep him as a headliner and didn’t want to jeopardize possibly losing him if he chose the other gig instead of us,” sophomore and CS40 Swamp Chair Yuwen Memon said.

Memon said he and other organizers understood the need for the change and were willing to be flexible.

“He blew up. I mean, we booked him in November when he was a little less popular, and he’s since got the No. 1 song in the nation, so he’s obviously gotten much more lucrative gigs,” Memon said. “But we still wanted to keep him as the headliner, obviously, so we wanted to accommodate him as much as we could.”

On the CS40 website, the organization apologized for the change: “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone, especially those who have made plans around the concert.”

Despite announcements on CS40’s website and Facebook page, many students said they were unaware of the change.

“I wish they did a better job of informing us. I’m pretty sure I’m part of the Facebook event, and I didn’t hear about it,” senior Will Draffin said.

Most students said that the change of date is of little consequence.

“I don’t even know when [the concert] is. I was just planning on finding out the day before and showing up,” junior Andrew Sperry said.

Senior Julia Wong said she doesn’t think the change from a Saturday to a Sunday will affect many students either.

“If I’m rearranging my schedule to go to WUStock, I can rearrange it from a Saturday to a Sunday without too much of an issue,” she said.

Some said the new weekend is a preferable choice due to other events the weekend of April 6 such as Clinton Global Initiative University and Carnaval.

“Over-programming is a big issue here, and people need to—especially the SU Treasury needs to—make sure that, if there’s already an event [scheduled]…another group shouldn’t be able to host another event at the same time,” Draffin said.

Senior Molly McGregor voiced concern that the weather may cause problems for the earlier concert date.

“The weekend doesn’t matter so much as the fact that the earlier you make it, the more risky it is for St. Louis weather,” she said. “WUStock is always such a good event because it’s usually really nice out, so I think it’s just unfortunate depending on what the weather will be. I’ll still go, but what I wear might change.”

For the first time, the annual concert will be selling tickets to individuals outside the University community.

“He is a really popular artist, and a lot of our friends are wanting to come…We just decided that it would be really nice to include other people who wanted to come too, like siblings and people’s boyfriends and girlfriends,” sophomore and Director of Services for CS40 Victoria Hulsing said. “We decided it was really nice to open up the CS40 community to the larger community.”

The tickets for outside guests will be sold in Bear’s Den March 6 and 7 for $25, and the quantity is tentatively capped at 250.

“I still think they’re really cheap,” Hulsing said. “I looked up some of his concert tickets, and we’re definitely under half of what his tickets would be sold for, for a usual concert.”

Hulsing said she and other organizers want to prioritize members of the University community and ensure that the concert is not overcrowded or uncomfortable for anyone. Food and other amenities at the concert, funded by the student activities fee, will be available only to students and faculty with a University ID.

“I think one of my only concerns about the change was that it is sooner rather than later…but really there was nothing we could do about it. So far, we haven’t had many concerns about it,” Hulsing said.

CS40 advisor Valronica Scales declined an interview on Sunday afternoon.

  • Ammar Karimjee

    Related to the comment made about SU Treasury: If you come to a meeting, you would see how much emphasis is actually put on other events happening not only at the same time but also that week in general. However, once funding is received, the group can change the date and SU has no power to force that group to do it on a certain day. We can recommend action, but that is all.

    • cwdraffin

      Ammar, I appreciate the work done by SU and Treasury to prevent events from being scheduled at the same time. I was just commenting on how some events like Macklemore and CGI-U are hard to schedule, so we should focus on events that we (as a student body) have control over. I have seen a much better job preventing overlapping events this year than in the past.