Bo Burnham to headline fall comedy show

Bo Burnham, comedian and musician, will perform at the fall comedy show Sep. 9, Social Programming Board announced Wednesday night.

| Managing Editor

A ‘mild WILD,’ but a safer environment and smooth run

Despite a chance of rain and a no-show opener, the biannual Walk In Lay Down concert ran smoothly and made strides toward addressing student concerns.

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Chairman of Holocaust Memorial Museum engages WU community

Fred Zeidman is not just a successful businessman that got his start at Washington University. He was appointed chairman emeritus of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council by George W. Bush in 2002, and he visited campus Wednesday.

Katie Marcus and Alex Siegman | News Editor and Staff Reporter

Gun violence public health initiative kicks off

Washington University is taking a stand on a highly contentious political issue: gun violence. On Tuesday, the University kicked off its public health initiative, which aims to understand and address the issue of gun-related violence in St. Louis and in the country as a whole.

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ThurtenE defines carnival as ‘community event,’ not charity fundraiser

This weekend’s ThurtenE carnival featured seven facades, more than a dozen rides and a student breaking a world record for underwater Rubik’s cubing. It didn’t necessarily raise much money for charity.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter

New group battles Missouri reproductive laws with state Rep.

State Representative Stacey Newman was tired of hearing old white men talk about women’s bodies. Her answer: an anti-vasectomy bill aimed at mocking the idea that government should interfere with reproductive choices.

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Journalist discusses intersection of secularism and Islam, misrepresentation in media

A TIME journalist spoke on campus about the misrepresentation of Muslims in the media as well as her friendship and time spent with a Muslim sheikh that became the inspiration and content for her book.

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Relay For Life raises over $150,000 for American Cancer Society

Students raised a total of $152,105.60 dollars at Relay for Life held from Saturday, April 11 to Sunday, April 12 on Francis Field.

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Ferguson Commission engages in dialogue with WU

Nearly 100 Washington University students, faculty and staff members flooded into Emerson Auditorium to listen to and engage in a dialogue with the Ferguson Commission. The dialogue was the final installment of St. Louis Up Close, a series of casual dialogues with St. Louis nonprofit leaders sponsored by the Gephardt Institute for Public Service.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter

Artist, diversity educator Lee Mun Wah leads diversity talks

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion sponsored a day of diversity workshops and interactive discussions hosted by diversity educator Lee Mun Wah as part of Washington University’s efforts to make the campus more open towards diverse backgrounds.

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