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Biting bear cub doesn’t have rabies, won’t be euthanized, University says

Despite initial concerns that it may have infected students with rabies, the bear cub brought to campus last Sunday will not be euthanized, according to a statement released by Washington University Friday afternoon.

Skillshare Sunday offers skill training in a variety of fields

Though classes have drawn to a close, students gathered in the Danforth University Center to learn new skills ranging from break dance to DJing to lotion-making as part of Skillshare Sunday. The event was put together by the Skillshare Collective—a collection of student groups including Sharing With A Purpose (SWAP), Kuumba and the Washington University Cooperative.

Students Against Peabody sit-in ends Thursday night

At 10 p.m. Thursday night, the Students Against Peabody group officially ended its sit-in. But students say their stand against Peabody Energy will continue at the board of trustees meeting on May 1. After 16 days of holding their ground underneath the Brookings Archway, the students have decided to move on to other tactics to urge Washington University to cut ties with Peabody Energy.

Sit-in organizers reject administration’s offer, keep to their demands

With the sit-in against Peabody Energy now in its third week, Washington University officials have made their first counteroffer to the student organizers’ demands. Organizers, however, have deemed the offer, which directly addresses only one of their stated demands, insufficient, and they plan to continue their sit-in under Brookings Archway, which began April 8.

W.I.L.D. to feature increased security

Despite the Students Against Peabody sit-in under the Brookings Archway providing the backdrop to one of Washington University’s largest events, Social Programming Board and the Washington University Police Department expect Friday’s W.I.L.D. to proceed as planned.

Students simulate refugee experience in workshop

Thursday afternoon in Seigle Hall, Washington University students bribed border patrol officers, committed theft, prostituted themselves and even carried out murder. Students assumed the role of African refugees seeking asylum in Israel as part of the International Leadership Program freshman seminar’s two-day event “Right to Refuge?

New College Diabetes Network chapter on campus aims to increase diabetes awareness

Washington University students are working to educate and raise awareness about diabetes within the student body, which they say often holds misconceptions about the disease. Junior Hansika Narayanan and freshman Melanie Goldring have started a College Diabetes Network (CDN) chapter at Washington University.

‘Mr.’ Wash. U. crowned: With half the usual candidates, show raises two-thirds of previous year’s total

For the second year in a row, and the second time ever, a female contestant won the Mr. Wash. U. competition. The annual Mr. Wash. U. show, along with the organization’s yearlong fundraising efforts, benefits City Faces, a charity founded by architecture professor Bob Hansman in 1993.

Autism awareness panel discusses spectrum disorders and inclusion

Halfway through National Autism Awareness Month, Washington University’s The Night Off Program sponsored a panel discussion on Tuesday that focused on inclusion for students on the autism spectrum.

ThurtenE mixes nostalgia with modern tech

Although this year’s ThurtenE theme centered on the past and nostalgia of the event, the carnival saw new developments, with ThurtenE Honorary releasing a mobile app to guide visitors. This year’s theme, “Endless Discovery: Explore the Tradition,” was intended to remind attendees of the history behind the oldest student-run carnival—or, as it was once known, “Younivee Surrkuss”—in the country. Although the honorary ordinarily hands out advertisement books, it introduced a smartphone application for 2014’s carnival.

Student Life | The independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878