WU suspends recognition for Sigma Phi Epsilon

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Wei-Yin Ko | Student Life

Washington University is indefinitely suspending its recognition of Sigma Phi Epsilon indefinitely, following the unreleased findings of an ongoing investigation by the Washington University Police Department. Students will continue to be able to occupy the house, but will not be able to function as a fraternity.

Washington University has suspended the Beta chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity indefinitely as a result of an ongoing investigation into University and Fraternity policy violations by campus police.

While the fraternity will not lose its house on lower row, it is no longer allowed to function as a fraternity or student group, which prohibits it from holding chapter meetings, social functions and new member programming. It has also lost its spot on the Interfraternity Council.

It is the second time the University has withdrawn recognition from one of its fraternities since July.

The University would not detail the reasons behind the suspension and several members of the fraternity declined to comment. Former Sig Ep President, junior Jonathan Katz, did not respond to repeated requests for comment Wednesday.

Michael Hayes, director of Greek Life, said the suspension is unrelated to Sigma Alpha Mu losing its charter in July.

“It’s in support of [and] in agreement with Sig Ep’s national headquarters’ actions until the investigation is complete,” Jill Carnaghi, dean of Campus Life, said.

On July 6, the University withdrew its recognition of Sigma Alpha Mu after the fraternity’s headquarters decided to dissolve the chapter’s charter due to hazing and drug abuse allegations.

Chief of the Wash. U. Police Department Don Strom, Coordinator for Greek Housing David Wallace, Coordinator of Chapter Development Lucy Morlan and IFC President Eric Fischer declined comment for this story.

See http://www.studlife.com/?p=45840 for the original breaking news release.

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    Real tough reporting, guys. I mean, really? You can’t do a little digging? You’re college newspaper reporters. Surely you have some kid in the frat you can talk to. Get out out there and develop sources around campus so that when the excrement hits the fan, you’re ready to act. Stop taking deans at their word; be suspicious of institutional priorities. BE JOURNALISTS, not the mouthpiece of the admin.