BREAKING: Young the Giant to headline spring WILD

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

American indie rock band Young the Giant will headline spring WILD, Social Programming Board announced Wednesday.

The band, known for their hit songs “Cough Syrup” and “My Body,” will perform in Brookings Quadrangle April 27.

Like both 2017 WILD lineups, the headliner will be supported by two opening acts. Molly Kate Kestner, known for her viral 2014 song “His Daughter,” will open the concert, and rapper Dizzy Wright will follow Kestner’s performance.

Courtesy of Paradigm Talent Agency

SPB president and junior Dina Guilak is excited to have a well known band headline this semester’s WILD.

“It’s really cool to be able to get someone who’s so established,” Guilak said. “I think they’re going to be amazing live, and they’ve performed at so many music festivals that they really know how to do a live audience in an open space like Brookings Quad.”

“I think it does a really good job of catering to so many different music tastes that are here on campus and making sure that WILD has something for everybody,” Guilak said.

Guilak also noted the difference between Young the Giant and Lil Dicky, last semester’s WILD headliner.

“It’s two very different styles of music, which is something that I’m glad we’re getting to do—to provide different genres of WILD headliners,” Guilak said.

WILD Director and sophomore Evelyn Shao commented on Young the Giant’s diverse makeup and sees this WILD as an opportunity to promote inclusivity.

“I think it’s the first Asian headliner and Middle Eastern headliner we’ve had, and it’s really cool to start seeing all of the elements of diversity that we can,” Shao said. “We’re excited to continue increasing our ability to cater to different genres and also different presences on campus.”

Shao is similarly pleased to have opening act Molly Kate Kestner on campus.

“She’s definitely a more up-and-coming sound in music. Her voice is really powerful, so we’re excited to see what she brings to the table,” Shao said.

Shao believes that Dizzy Wright’s performance will complement the other acts well and prepare the crowd for Young the Giant to take the stage.

“He’s been in the music industry for a while, and he’s collaborated with some big-name rappers as well, and he just has a really hype style of music,” Shao said. “We’re excited to have him amp up the atmosphere for the headliner.”