Housing options available for second round of housing selection

| Senior News Editor

Students who were not assigned a time slot for the first round of housing selection through Washington University’s Office of Residential Life will now go through a second round to be placed in housing March 19.

According to Associate Director of Residential Life and Director of Housing Operations Will Andrews, University housing options are still available on campus on the South 40, in Village East and in the Millbrook Apartments, as well as at off-campus locations on University Drive and in the Lofts. Although there are still open spots, some students have expressed frustration with the amount of time slots that were given out for the first round and the amount of housing options that remain.

The South 40 House contains the Residential Life office. This year, some students did not get assigned housing time slots,and those students will be assigned housing in a second round.Stephen Huber | Student Life

The South 40 House contains the Residential Life office. This year, some students did not get assigned housing time slots,and those students will be assigned housing in a second round.

In response to these student concerns, Andrews cited a recent increase in rising junior housing applications.

“We got more [applications from] current sophomores that are going to be juniors. I can tell you [applications] are up significantly higher than what they were last year,” Andrews said. “I view that as a good thing, saying students do want on-campus housing.”

While the newly implemented housing application process may not be to blame for students not receiving a time slot, some students expressed confusion about the system.

“The housing process should be more transparent in general,” sophomore Abby Forsythe said. “We went in as a group of four, [and] we knew did not have great odds, but we were unaware of what would happen if we did not get a time slot.”

According to Andrews, Residential Life will look at how many open spaces are left and where they are, and that list will be sent out in another email to students who did not receive time slots.

The most popular housing options this year were four-person and five-person apartment style and suite style dorms. While these options are now unavailable, students will be able to split up and choose on-campus and off-campus housing. In this second round of selection, students will not have to sign up for a specific group size but rather will be able to select any housing still open.

“The difference here is, you’re going to have more flexibility in going in and just picking any space that’s open,” Andrews said. “In the second round, students will be able to break up and select housing not necessarily with their group.”

The feedback from students who received time slots was mostly positive, according to Andrews.

“Students that did receive the time slots seemed to understand [the process]; we didn’t really have many hiccups along the way of students selecting the space,” Andrews said. “But I think it was definitely the inventory of the [four-person or five-person] apartments…Those were the hardest ones that so many students signed up for, and we just didn’t have the inventory to guarantee them placements.”

“The housing process went unexpectedly smoothly for me,” sophomore Maddy Angstreich said. “I feel like [Residential Life] was really transparent about our odds for securing the suite that we wanted, and the new housing website was really easy to navigate and understand…I was totally satisfied with the outcome.”

Despite the number of housing options that are still available, some students are concerned with the choices they have, specifically the Lofts.

“At a school like Wash. U., and being involved in the things I’m involved in, it’s not possible to leave campus early enough that I would feel safe walking home by myself,” Forsythe said. “At this point, we are trying to find off-campus apartments because we would feel safer living in a different area if we’re going to be that far away from campus…This process does not need to be this stressful, and the new program was much more stressful than the way it worked last year.”

Andrews emphasized that while it may seem like housing options are low, there are still availabilities in the second round.

“We have a significant amount of spaces, and they’re not all in the off-campus market. So, I want to make sure students understand that there are still spaces on-campus,” Andrews said.