University extends contract with Enterprise for car leasing program

| News Editor

Washington University’s Parking and Transportation Services has extended its CarShare partnership with Enterprise into June and is looking to renew the contract.

In the recontracting process, Parking and Transportation Services and Enterprise looks at data regarding vehicle usage on campus, both to see if CarShare is a program students are using and whether there is business value in the partnership.

Additionally, this contract will determine whether more cars are added to the fleet—a decision made quarterly based on vehicle usage data by the University in conjunction with Enterprise.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Rob Wild thinks the CarShare program is an asset for the University’s students.

“I think what the University has always tried to figure out is how we can find opportunities for students to get off campus in a way that is sustainable and that also, in some ways, limits the amount of cars that we have on campus, since we have such limited space,” Wild said. “It’s been great to see…the CarShare program address that.”

Some students have expressed frustration with a lack of car availability and hope to see more cars on campus.

“Since they’re usually almost all booked, it seems like there’s enough interest to have more cars on campus. It would definitely help alleviate frustration for CarShare users, who currently have to plan pretty far in advance to find a free time,” sophomore Jamie Cohen said.

Other students are glad to have the program on campus, but think it is too difficult to access cars when needed.

“Although I think it’s a great system, and I’m happy we have it, it’s annoying that you can’t just spontaneously decide to go anywhere. You really have to plan days in advance to get a car,” sophomore Chazz Powell said.

Director of Parking and Transportation Services Gwendolyn Bolden hopes to formulate a survey to process student feedback on car-share services.

“I’m glad to hear that students want to provide input,” Bolden said. “We are definitely open to making changes.”

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect that the CarShare program’s contract has not yet been renewed.