Sigma Phi Epsilon to move into House 11 for fall 2018 semester

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Sigma Phi Epsilon will return to House 11 on lower row in fall 2018 after two years as a recognized Washington University fraternity following its recolonization.

Before being dismissed from the University in 2012 due to campus policy violations, Sigma Phi Epsilon occupied House 11 .

House 11 is located next to the Tau Kappa Epsilon House in the Village. Sigma Phi Epsilon will move into the house for the fall 2018 semester.Jiyoon Kang | Student Life

House 11 is located next to the Tau Kappa Epsilon House in the Village. Sigma Phi Epsilon will move into the house for the fall 2018 semester.

To reacquire House 11, Sigma Phi Epsilon submitted a housing application and made a formal presentation to Washington University Campus Life faculty with plans to fill the house, pay for it and use it responsibly.

Campus Life operates 11 on-campus fraternity houses, 10 of which are housed by fraternities this year. House 11 is currently operated and occupied by Washington University Residential Life.

According to Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Rob Wild, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been working with Fraternity and Sorority Life staff to gain permission to move back into the house.

“It was a great proposal, and the student leadership of Sigma Phi Epsilon had been really thoughtful about why a house is important to their chapter and how they want to use the house as a function of their chapter development,” Wild said.

The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon believe that moving into House 11 in the fall will strengthen their brotherhood.

“I think it will really cement the brotherhood because living with your brothers is just a totally different experience,” junior and Sigma Phi Epsilon president Justin Shin said. “I think it will also just be good in terms of establishing ourselves on campus by having that on-campus spot.”

The chapter is also looking to establish a Residential Learning Community (RLC).

“One of the things Sig Ep does is called a [RLC],” Shin said. “The ethos behind it is that a lot of a students’ time at college is spent outside of the classroom, so we’re trying to make our fraternity house somewhere where brothers can learn throughout their four years of college and develop themselves with things that aren’t included in the regular Wash. U. curriculum.”

In addition to matters of chapter development, Wild emphasized the importance of Sigma Phi Epsilon filling the house. Since House 11 is in use by Residential Life this year, it was essential for Sigma Phi Epsilon to prove that their chapter can fill House 11 to free up spots in residential housing elsewhere.

Wild assures that House 11 returning to fraternity use will not cause a housing shortage.

“It should not have any impact because the 30 Sigma Phi Epsilon men who will be living in that house would have been living in Residential Life housing somewhere else, so that will free up 30 beds elsewhere in the Residential Life portfolio,” Wild said.

However, some students thought House 11 was a good addition to the Residential Life housing options.

“The house is really nice…it’s basically just like living in a dorm,” current House 11 resident and junior Jason Pinsky said.

Sigma Phi Epsilon looks forward to filling up House 11 with members this coming fall semester.

“I’ve checked out House 11,” Shin said. “And it’s pretty dope.”

  • Doctor Jeff

    I hope that Sig Ep can fill the house and have a great fraternity that will represent well at Washington University!