Olin Library’s north entrance opens

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

The new north entrance to Olin Library, located across from Louderman Hall, opened Nov. 1 as the south entrance, located across from Rebstock Hall and previously the only point of access to the library, closed.

As the south entrance closed for renovations, the north entrance opened. The south entrance will reopen for the spring semester, after the renovations have been completed.

Olin Library's original South entrance.  A north entrance to the building recently opened. Stephen Huber | Student Life

Olin Library’s original South entrance. A north entrance to the building recently opened.

On the day of the switch, the library enacted efforts to reroute students to the correct entrance. According to Manager of Library User Space Planning Sarah Laaker, the library staff made multiple announcements to students and other library users leading up to the change. These notifications included a blog post on the library website, as well as posters on the library doors, which were put up about a week before the opening of the new entrance.

“I certainly think in the first couple of days it was challenging, and we knew that would happen because it was a major traffic pattern that was changing. So we put up a lot of signage outside the library and put that up on the morning of the change to direct people, trying to catch people before they got all the way to the south door,” Laaker said.

According to Laaker, library staff members volunteered to be outside of both entrances on Wednesday and Thursday for about four hours each day to help direct library users to the north entrance.

Freshman Ethan Kantor found the rerouting to be an easy adjustment.

“The first time they closed this entrance I went, ‘Oh it’s closed,’ but then I just went around the back and know now to go in the back,” Kantor said.

Students are finding the newly opened and closed entrances to be at varying levels of convenience, depending upon their majors and where they live.

“I’m a chemistry major so most of my classes are in buildings on the [north side of Danforth Campus], so if I study in the library and then go to my classes, it’s more convenient. But I don’t know for those people who have classes on the other side of campus,” freshman Cendi Ling said.

“It’s a hassle having to walk all the way around to get to the library. I wish they had two entrances opened at the same time,” freshman Andrea Chambers said.

The Olin Library transformation project is still on track for its completion by the spring 2018 semester.

“We’re really excited for [the completion of the project] to happen, especially with Whispers coming back. We know that’s going to be great for students and all library users,” Laaker said.

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