SU to host ‘Game Day’ event

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

To drum up school spirit, Student Union will host an event called “Game Day,” centered around the football game against Bridgewater College on Francis Field Nov. 11.

Game Day will have three primary events: a tailgate, the game itself and a dance, similar to a high school homecoming. Events will span throughout the day, with the tailgate beginning in the morning and the dance held as an evening event.

The goal of the event is to increase Washington University pride and bring the school community together, according to SU Vice President of Programming and junior Kyle Jeter.

“The event is definitely centered around school spirit and Wash. U. pride. We talk about it a lot, and I want to actually see it done now and capitalize on the new students that are here, that are energized and haven’t gotten bogged down by all the classes yet and I’m just really excited to get a big part of Wash. U. together in one place at one time,” Jeter said.

The idea for the event came when Jeter attended a spirit institute held at the University in June and saw what the other universities in attendance were doing to increase school spirit.

“One of the things I noticed about all the other 15-20 schools…is that they all had some sort of homecoming committee or just planning committee that did events like this. And it inspired me to think about this a little bit more. If all these other schools are doing it, and they somehow found a way to do this, I want Wash. U. to give it a try,” Jeter said.

Jeter believes these Game Day events are a tangible step toward increasing school spirit, whereas previously there had been a lot of discussion around the lack of spirit without much call to action.

“People are definitely mentioning around campus, ‘Wash. U. pride, where is it, what does it look like?’” Jeter said. “It’s a lot of talk, and I want to make sure there’s action, and this [event] seems to me a great step toward action. I don’t like just talking, I like doing.”

Senior Deep Nana is enthusiastic about the decision to develop a homecoming, agreeing with Jeter that the event has the potential to boost school morale.

“I think this is a great way to build school spirit, especially at a school where sports aren’t as a big as a deal as other schools. So it might be a good way to bring everyone together—throwback to high school. It will be a good way to focus on sports and spirit at a school that’s highly academic,” Nana said.

Jeter believes the event will be well-received by the student body, specifically because it will be open to all students, free of charge.

“I really think this is going to be successful, and I think it would be a nice way for SU to have a social event that’s inclusive of the whole student body rather than just SU or just one part of the student body,” Jeter said. “This can really appeal to everybody in some way, shape or form.”

Already, Game Day has gathered interest among freshmen—a goal of Jeter’s.

“I think it’ll be a great relief from the academic responsibilities of Washington University,” Patel said.

Su is especially looking forward to the formal, as she missed out on the homecoming experience in high school.

“It’d be like a chance to experience something I haven’t experienced before and that’s what college is all about: It’s about trying new things,” Su said.

If the event goes well, SU will look to continue the event in the upcoming years.

“Athletics has asked us for a two-year commitment. I’m definitely working to make that a reality. I think without a doubt, if that goes well, we’ll see why we should have it be an infinite year commitment,” Jeter said.

Starting at 10 a.m., the tailgate, organized by SU, will be held in the parking lot outside Simon Hall. The football game begins at 1 p.m., and SU is currently working with the Athletics Department to create a halftime show. To end the day, there will be a formal dance in the Knight Center, starting at 8:30 p.m.