SPB announces leadership for coming year

| Senior News Editor

Social Programming Board announced its executive board for the 2017-2018 school year, with one junior and two sophomores at the helm, Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Junior Dina Guilak will serve as president, sophomore Zach Trunsky as vice president of finance and sophomore Rithvik Kondai as vice president of membership.

Outgoing SPB president and junior Noah Truwit believes the incoming exec board will bring a variety of experiences to the positions.

“I’m really excited about our president, Dina. I think she has excellent experience outside of SPB, as well as a really good input on SPB life and culture. As far as individual backgrounds, I think we have a very diverse set of backgrounds that are represented. And I honestly, I’m very, very jealous of the executive meetings that will happen,” Truwit said.

Truwit hopes the new exec will continue the initiatives that began under his tenure.

“I am extremely excited for the next SPB president, [vice president of] membership, and [vice president of] finance,” Truwit said. “I think that they’re going to do an amazing job and I think they’re going to continue the ideas that I proposed, as well as expand upon them and change the current system. I’m very excited about the potential, and it’s a very fresh executive board.”

Along with maintaining a student-centric approach to booking talent for campus, Truwit hopes
that the exec work in close collaboration with one another to further enhance entertainment offerings.

“I definitely hope to continue the diversity of acts and comedians and artists,” Truwit said. “One of my big initiatives was directors working together to create a comedy Happy Hour or special event with a comedy event plus a concert…Honestly, I want to make sure we are programming for all of the students and enhancing the experience in every way possible.”