Lil Dicky to headline fall WILD

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter

Comedic rapper and hip-hop artist Lil Dicky will headline fall WILD, Social Programming Board announced Thursday.

The rapper, known for hits like “$ave Dat Money” and “Molly,” will perform in Brookings Quadrangle Oct. 6.

Like last spring’s WILD, fall WILD will feature two supplementary acts. Alternative hip-hop artist Lizzo will open the concert, followed by electropop group A R I Z O N A.

Lil Dicky first gained traction when the music video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral in 2013. Since then, he’s released a mixtape and a studio album, “Professional Rapper,” which includes collaborations with popular artists like Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap and T-Pain.

“I think his witty lyricism is something I’m really excited for,” SPB WILD Director and junior Zach Alter said. “As indicated by [the comedy show with] Bo Burham a few semesters ago, the Wash. U. population really likes entertainers that have this witty and intelligent element to them, and I think the way Lil Dicky really differentiates himself is as a rapper who defies norms of the industry as well as points out dumb things that are done, perhaps, in rap culture.”

Last year, Natalie La Rose and Vanic supplemented headliner Jason Derulo, and Alter said the trend is continued this year to increase genre representation at the concert.

“It really helps us cater to as many tastes as possible,” Alter said. “At least during my tenure on SPB I’ve tried my absolute best to make sure we had every genre represented…although I didn’t get fully there, I hit the indie crowd, I hit the rap crowd, I hit the pop crowd, I hit the electronic crowd.”

Fall 2017 will also mark the first WILD headlined by a rapper since spring 2015, when Mac Miller took the stage.

“I think a rapper is going to play really well in the quad,” SPB president and junior Noah Truwit said. “It’s a really fun atmosphere, and paired with the openers, we really have a great mix of talent.”

Lil Dicky’s characteristic comedy-infused lyrics and untraditional style set him apart from previous WILD artists, a fact that Alter feels will only enhance the performance.

“I don’t think the comedic value of the music ever degrades its quality as music,” Alter said. “I think that comedy aside, he still has crazy catchy beats with amazing flows, and I think even with comedy aside, he’s a great rapper. The comedic aspect just brings a whole other element to the performance.”

Truwit believes that the rapper’s unique style, combined with the openers’ contributions, will contribute to a memorable WILD performance.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited about a lineup,” he said. “We really have it all, and we’re really putting it all out there for this WILD, and I think every person in that quad is going to be thrilled, excited. And there’s going to be music they enjoy and remember.”

Additional Reporting by Sam Seekings