Black Lives Matter protest held on Loop by UCity Action Network

| Breaking News Editor

A group of about 30 mostly white University City residents took part in a Black Lives Matter march around the Delmar Loop, stopping at the Chuck Berry statue outside of Fitz’s for a short rally on Saturday afternoon around 2:30 p.m..

Margaret Johnson, 75, of the University City Action Network (UCAN), said it was intentional that most of the participants were white.

“The beauty of this particular action is that white people are first of all shocked to see somebody wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt or chanting, having a demonstration and we were mostly white, but the looks on African-American faces, particularly young people—when they see that, they just are so happy to see that white people care about them, because they think that white people don’t. And they have a lot of reason to believe that,” Johnson said.

Margaret Johnson speaks to University City Action Network at a Black Lives Matter protest on the Delmar Loop Saturday.Emily Schienvar

Margaret Johnson speaks to University City Action Network at a Black Lives Matter protest on the Delmar Loop Saturday.

Johnson wanted to stress that it was vital to involve white people in the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black people understand racism quite well, from our perspective [the Black Lives Matter movement is meant] to get white people talking about it and beginning to understand that racism is really our issue to solve, that we’re the ones who have to step up because we’re the ones who benefit from racism,” Johnson said.

She also said that the protest was scheduled to take place this weekend to coincide with the presidential debate being held on campus.

“The reason why there’s such an incredible backlash against this, and the reason why [Republican presidential candidate Donald] Trump is the Republican nominee, which still shocks me, is that white men have been in control for so long that they can’t deal,” Johnson said. “If you look at the policies and histories, this kind of embedded racism is still going on, and this whole thing about voter IDs, it’s just another way to eliminate people from the voting role that aren’t going to vote for someone like Trump. It’s just pervasive.”

Rhonda Wren, also with UCAN, said that the group had been present at several protests and marches after getting together during the events in Ferguson in 2014 and was trying to make changes at a local level.

“We’ve been out in the streets working, protesting, doing things, meeting with our police chief and other things here in UCity,” Wren said. “Citizen review boards is something we would really like to see—right now our police chief makes all the decisions, hiring and firing…There’s no citizen review board.”

Additional reporting by Ella Chochrek and Lizzi Kehoe.

  • Michael Stevens

    BLM is just a slogan. They should say exactly what changes they want. That way a debate can happen. Do they want less police enforcement (and more murders), do they want more careful use of deadly force, what exactly are they talking about or are they just silly liberals dreaming of the bad old days of segregation and wanting to say they protested a bad system?

  • FreedomOfSpeach

    Almost all of the people cops kill every year are male. That is a much stronger correlation than the “victims” being just black but you don’t see a dudes matter group protesting do you. Its just that a certain segment of males have bought in to this media fueled hysteria. Look at Chicago (, almost 600 killings this year – most unsolve, cops have only killed 6 people. BLM might want to check their strategy.

  • S4T

    You guys are a bunch of cucks that support a black supremacist movement that wants to enslave you. Read if you don’t believe me. That’s their official list of demands.