SPB elects new exec board in second year

| Senior News Editor

The second generation of Social Programming Board is upon us.

SPB has elected a new executive board to take over the organization in its second year. In previous years, three separate groups were in charge of organizing student programming at Washington University, including comedy shows and W.I.L.D. Last year was the inaugural year of the programming conglomerate of SPB, which brought the three groups together under one board.

The main goal of the board for the next year is to expand current programming events to become bigger and more effective at garnering greater student interest. In order to make the board more effective internally, the group has decided to maintain only one WILD director, instead of its normal two, and add a vice president position.

“There’s going to be a lot of internal changes to make the board more efficient,” outgoing SPB President and junior Emma Tyler said. “In terms of what students will see, SPB is structured on always improving and growing, and the programs are always going to expand and be built upon having more student opinion.”

Sophomore Jordan Finkelstein, the newly elected president of the board, believes his previous experience as special events director greatly helped prepare him for his new position.

“It really lets you see how the board operates,” Finkelstein said. “We’re such a big group, so transition is an intensive process because there’s so much information that needs to be exchanged between members, and being on the board already provides you with that information.”

According to Finkelstein, most of the changes SPB will be seeing are minor operational ones.

“The first year was an experiment, but after going through it, now we can really fine-tune it and more sure the processes we have are the most effective,” Finkelstein said.

Tyler expressed excitement about the ideas and creative talent that the new group will bring to SPB events.

“I think it’s going to be exciting to see the new directors in action and see what new things they can bring to events,” Finkelstein said. “We have a lot of great new talent, and everyone’s really excited to get started and see the amount of growth and creativity we can bring to all of our programs this year.”