The best academics in America come with the 928th-best price tag: The Daily Beast

| Senior News Editor

For the few who can afford it, Washington University may be among the best schools in America, according to provocative new rankings by The Daily Beast.

In a new ranking of about 2,000 colleges, Washington University ranked as 41st overall, taking into account future earnings, affordability and graduation rate. While the University was rated first in academics, its overall spot was brought down by its affordability ranking of 928.

Based on public data and information collected by College Prowler, the rankings also factor in qualities such as education, campus quality, activities, nightlife, diversity and sports. The schools were ultimately ranked to reflect job placement and graduate success.

Student opinions on the school’s affordability ranking in particular were mixed.

The ranking “definitely shows that you get what you pay for in terms of academic quality,” junior Sydney Kapp said. “It’d definitely be nice if the school was a little better with financial aid and scholarships.”

“I was deciding between this and another school that was offering a full ride but wasn’t quite as good in terms of academics, but I think in the future if this school doesn’t work on becoming more affordable to a wider range of people, then there will be people that’ll opt for different schools that will meet their need,” she added.

Senior Michele Hall voiced doubt with the ranking methodology and its resulting findings.

“Even though our ranking for affordability is low, when you look at the breakout, we are not in the top 20 costliest, which I find interesting,” Hall said. “All in all, I think that we need more descriptions as to how The Daily Beast got to these rankings in the first place. I don’t think we can make an educated statement about it otherwise.”

The University was ranked No. 44 in terms of campus quality and No. 53 in terms of future earnings for graduates. Additionally, the University was ranked No. 20 on another Daily Beast list of most rigorous colleges based on competitiveness amongst peers and instructors. Out of 10, the school was given a score of 9.8 for smartest professors and an 8.5 for workload.

While academic stress was not rated on the list, the University was ranked as most stressful last year in Newsweek’s list of college rankings based on factors such as debt, social anxieties and academic pressures.