Karmin, Chance the Rapper to headline Fall W.I.L.D.

| Editor-in-Chief

Hip-hop artists Karmin and Chance the Rapper will perform at Fall W.I.L.D. on Oct. 11, Social Programming Board announced Wednesday.


Karmin is a musical duo from Boston that gained a following via YouTube. Its channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers and more than 225 million views and features artists Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan performing original songs and covering other Top 40 hits.

Karmin’s single “Brokenhearted” went platinum and peaked at No. 16 in the United States, and the duo’s album “Hello” sold over 19,000 copies. Karmin’s first studio album, titled “Pulses,” is expected to release in the fall.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is a 20-year-old artist from Chicago who rose to prominence after releasing a mixtape while a senior in high school. The mixtape, titled “10 Day” in reference to the 10-day suspension he served preceding the release, has more than 70,000 downloads to date.

Chance the Rapper, otherwise known as Chancelor Bennett, released his second mixtape, titled “Acid Rap,” on April 30, 2013. The mixtape has more than 250,000 downloads and more than 600,000 views online.

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  • get wild

    I have to say, getting Chance right now is a coup. The dude is blowing up in the hip-hop world and his recently announced headlining tour has been selling out in minutes. Give him a chance, he just got back from touring Europe with Macklemore, opened for Eminem and Kendrick a month ago, and spent the summer playing with Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt.
    Karmin, on the other hand, was probably chosen cause they have a recognizable hit on the charts right now. Makes sense, but I’ll probably skip them.

  • DJAL

    Chance is awesome! So excited!

  • PBuggs

    ^Better song for those who have never heard Chance before

    To those who have never heard of these artists or have heard one song and wrote them off: be a little open minded! Come to WILD with a good attitude and you’ll be amazed how much more fun you have.

  • nate

    Leave it to team 31 to keep bringning people no one has ever heard of…. way to go guys

  • Me

    Acapella is an astonishingly annoying song.

  • I’mActuallyGoingToWILDThisYear


  • Roger

    Senior year and for the first time I have no intention of going to WILD. So much disappointment.