Wash. U. joins national consortium to offer online classes for credit

Washington University announced Thursday that it will be joining schools such as Duke and Northwestern Universities to offer online classes for credit starting in fall 2013.

The program, called Semester Online, will involve creating virtual classrooms that allow students to interact with undergraduates and leading professors at peer institutions to offer unique classes not currently available at Washington University.

Participant schools include Brandeis University, Duke University, Emory University, Northwestern University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Notre Dame, University of Rochester, Vanderbilt University and Wake Forest University.

Provost Ed Macias, who previously announced he will be retiring this year, has led the University’s efforts to incorporate online education into its program.

“Semester Online will be a first of its kind, offering credit toward a degree and the very latest in online education technologies and techniques,” Macias told the University Record. “WUSTL has been deliberate in its approach to online education, looking for an opportunity that extends the reach of our academic offering, while providing a learning experience that is as rich and robust as our in-classroom experience.”

For more information, see https://news.wustl.edu/news/Pages/24598.aspx or check back on Monday for the full story.

  • jon

    oh great another way to dilute the value of our degree

    • Lulu

      Adding to the WashU course offerings with courses from other top universities doesn’t “dilute the value of our degree” nimrod. It greatly adds to it. And it’s about time WashU got with the 21st century.
      Can’t wait to take some online classes from home this summer or next, as WashU’s in person summer course offering selection is pitiful.

  • dm

    I wish they had just joined Coursera instead of trying to forge something new. If you could get a credit for the work you’ve done online, it would be a better deal for the students since coursera only hands out a “certificate” that doesn’t count toward a degree for the work.