‘30 Rock’ and ‘SNL’ writer to host fall comedy show

Stand-up comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” writer, Hannibal Buress, will be the featured performer at this year’s fall comedy show, Campus Programming Council announced Monday.

He will be bringing his fast-paced style and confident punch lines to Graham Chapel on Sunday, Nov. 4.

“I’m very excited,” junior Dillon O’Dea said. “He’s just a comedian I’ve known for a while. He wrote for ‘SNL,’ and his timing is fantastic.”

Courtesy of Hannibal Buress

“I’m very excited to see some humor that is aimed directly at Wash. U. He’s a really sharp guy, and I know he’ll do a really quick and really entertaining show,” O’Dea added. “His name isn’t very recognizable…but I think once people give him the chance, [after] even five minutes of listening to his standup they’ll be really excited.”

Some students had worried that the show was canceled after it failed to happen in early September, as in past years, but organizers said they were told to move the event to avoid conflicts with start-of-the-year programming.

It was initially suggested that the group move the event to a late Friday evening, where there would not be any conflicts, but the organizers decided that more people would attend should they instead move it later in the semester.

“It’s not so easy to reschedule comedy shows because there’s so many factors of campus life and programming going on,” said junior Adam Ephraim, CPC comedy co-chair.

But organizers hope that the new time will be appealing to students, particularly freshmen who have not had the chance to go to previous campus comedy shows. They chose Nov. 4 because, while it is the day after Dance Marathon, it did not appear to conflict with any major campus events.

“I think it will be probably a benefit just because it’s a more down day, and people aren’t going to be as concerned about a test they have the next day,” junior and comedy co-chair Grant Smith said.

Smith said they chose Buress because, with his previous TV work and more recent movie titled “Animal Furnace,” he is a rising presence in the comedy community, performing at a number of colleges around the nation. While CPC typically funds a more expensive comedian in the fall, they chose to reverse that this year to make sure they got Buress at a competitive price.

“He really is coming on the comedy scene pretty strong right now,” Smith said.

Variety Magazine listed Buress as one of its “10 Comics to Watch in 2010.”

But some students noted that his name is still significantly less recognizable than some previous fall comedy performers, including Seth Meyers and John Oliver.

“I’m a senior; I’ve gone for the past three years, [and]…I don’t know many comedians but I’ve heard of the comedians who’ve come in previous years,” senior Sophia Hirsch said. “This guy, I’ve never heard of him.”

“The [previous] ones, even if you weren’t familiar with their name, if you’d seen ‘Community’ or seen ‘Saturday Night Live,’ you’d seen some work of these famous comedians,” Hirsch added. “As far as I can tell, this guy doesn’t seem to be a recognizable name. I’m not excited about this; I do not think this was worth waiting for.”

  • AJ

    No need to bash on anyone! We should all just be excited for a great show. Join the facebook group.
    Get pumped!

  • Murked Pigeon

    U guys ever hear of the Eric Andre show on Adult Swim? Hannibal is the co-host. Dude’s hilarious. He’ll flick pickle juice all over ur sandwiches….for flavor. Or if you just want to do it, its 7-11 flicks depending on size of ur hand.

  • McLovin

    I don’t understand why you’re all bashing Sophia. If anything, bash the person who wrote the article. I don’t know how many people were interviewed for this, but I’d be surprised if Sophia actually asked for a guaranteed spot in this article StudLife. She just gave her honest answer to an interview. And for whatever reason, her comments were chosen for inclusion.

  • Ashley

    What about the people who don’t know who Russell Simmons is (see another news article in this issue)? I’m fairly certain people are quoted in every article about WILD or treasury funding a speaker saying that they have never heard of the performer/speaker. There’s nothing different here. Sophia just said she had never heard of him and therefore was less excited. I’m sure there are lots of performers you have never heard of too.

  • Peppermint Lolly

    James, Sophia is most definitely an authority on whose name is recognizable. I am reasonably sure that she spends a large portion of her free time on celebrity blogs and following popular news. Also I think you should look up what a troll is… because stalking on facebook and responding honestly to interview questions is not exactly trolling. I also heard her hair is insured for $10,000.

  • MC Nougat

    Neither I nor anyone I know has heard of this guy. Y’all some cantankerous asshats, chill out and roll a fattie.

  • FER

    If he’s so great, wouldn’t he be able to stand up for himself and not need a handful of trolls to defend him? Come on guys, don’t you have to start preparing for the next chance you can make a fool of yourself?

    • mike

      cool story bro

  • NEF

    You guys are sick, you really don’t have anything else to do with your time? I’m sure everyone who’s trash talking has a 4.0 GPA and is taking 21 credits, right? Oh,you’re don’t? Way to go for picking on a fellow student. You have nothing better to do than troll the internet and bash her? I’m sure every one of your opinions is well-informed and well-thought out. There’s no way that they caught her as she was walking out the door or on her way to something, right? Try blaming the StudLife writers for being unprepared and needing quotes and filler at the last minute.

  • akf

    Hi Sophia. You have an opinion and you expressed it. Props to you.

    Sophia, according to my sources, is outstanding. And also a talented microbiologist. Calm down kiddies.

  • Chan

    Ha! Hey, student journos! Not every story needs “balance,” and an uneducated person’s opinion wouldn’t count as balance anyway. Good attempt though. B-

    • Rachel

      I don’t think that lack of knowledge of a random comedian makes someone “uneducated.”

  • AJ

    Thanks for the support guys. We are really looking forward to bringing him here.

  • Knine

    Sophia Hirsch should thank this unknown comedian for giving her dumb ass 15 minutes of mostly undeserved attention. I ALMOST looked her up on Facebook. Then I remembered, I’m not an ignorant troll like her. I actually know who Hannibal Burress is. Sophia Hirsch’s lack of awareness is not my problem.

  • James Wolfe

    I wonder if senior Sophia Hirsch is any authority on whose name is recognizable and what is worth waiting for. I’ve seen Hannibal perform. He’s brilliant. I’ve never seen Sophia. She should definitely go to this show. She’ll get a real comedy education.

  • eric browning

    You guys need to recognize, Hannibal. This will b the best thing at your school

  • Lauren

    This is deplorable! I’m not a journalist. But if you’re going to write a piece on a comedian set to headline your school, would you not want to research him first? For example, listen to his most recent stand-up special in which he mocks a university “journalist” for outting his price-range? And way to get the campus excited for his visit with all the positive remarks that are quoted here. His name isn’t recognizable? To whom? College undergrads are supposed to be one step ahead of the mainstream! Isn’t that why college radio plays Animal Collective, St. Vincent, and Yeasayer and KISS FM doesn’t? You can’t tune into Comedy Central’s stand-up shows without seeing him! He co-hosts the Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim in addition to his writing credits and stand-up performances. As a fan of stand-up, and all things off-center, I think it’s majorly disappointing that this article is the preface to his arrival on campus. Ugh. Get ready for him to mock everything about this for about 8 and a half minutes. Minimum!

  • ron

    Hey Sophia, Hannibal doesn’t know you either.

  • Felix Reyes

    He’s funnier then Seth Meyers or John Oliver. Hanibbal Burress is really good.

  • Visit3r

    HAha I live in a cave on an island with turles and seagulls. Even they have heard of Hannibal Buress.

  • Nice

    this dude is amazing. Sophia Hirsch doesn’t know what shes talking about.

  • Anna