Michael Tabb named 2012-2013 editor-in-chief

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On March 3, sophomore Michael Tabb was elected the 2012-2013 editor-in-chief for Student Life.Genevieve Hay | Student Life

On March 3, sophomore Michael Tabb was elected the 2012-2013 editor-in-chief for Student Life.

Sophomore Michael Tabb has been named Student Life’s editor-in-chief for the 2012-2013 academic year.

His position was announced Saturday night at the annual banquet of Washington University Student Media Inc., whose board of directors oversees Student Life.

Tabb, 19, is a sophomore from York, Pa. He is an English major with plans to pursue additional studies in physics and is known for his constant presence at Student Union meetings and breaking news scenes as well his unique wardrobe and regularly sporting bow ties.

As editor-in-chief, Tabb will be in charge of hiring staff, supervising newspaper production and making executive decisions.

Tabb has been involved with Student Life since his freshman year began in September of 2010. He has steadily moved up the ladder in Student Life’s news section, going from contributing reporter to staff reporter to news editor.

Tabb’s enriching experience with Student Life inspired him to run for the position.

“Working for the paper has let me meet some amazing people and explore a lot of the different facets of campus that I don’t think I would’ve had the chance to see otherwise,” Tabb said. “I think that working as editor-in-chief will allow me to build on all the relationships that I’ve developed over the past couple of years and see how I can forge new ones.”

As for the future of the newspaper, Tabb wants to strengthen the relationship between Student Life and the student body.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to not only focus on our own staff and improving ourselves as journalists but also connect better with the student body at large and make it a more dynamic relationship,” Tabb said.

Tabb believes in the value of Washington University’s diverse student population and hopes to use the newspaper to showcase it.

“I want StudLife to incorporate more of the student experience at Wash. U. and really do a good job depicting the variety and diversity within the student body,” Tabb said.

Current Editor-in-Chief Michelle Merlin is confident that Tabb will thrive in the position because of his deep commitment to and passion for Student Life.

“Michael Tabb has always been an incredibly dedicated and talented reporter with a keen news sense and an eye for editing,” Merlin said. “He really wowed us with his bold ideas for the paper next year. Michael will do an excellent job as editor-in-chief.”