SU launches online calendar of events

| Contributing Reporter

Students can now easily stay updated on events and activities organized by Student Union (SU) and SU-affiliated student groups through its newly launched online calendar.

A recent email regarding the online calendar, including the relevant link, was sent out to all students by SU President John Harrison York on Tuesday.

The monthly calendar shows the distribution of all events. Groups may also reserve venues for events, tables at the Activities Fair, advertisements in Student Life and wall spaces at the Underpass and the Chalk Wall located in the Fun Room of the DUC through the online calendar.

Groups, including Connect 4, the Link, and, most recently, R25live attempted to create an open Student Union calendar over the past year. SU Vice President of Public Relations, Amanda Signorelli has managed the launching and maintenance of the online calendar.

Prior to its launching, SU received many student suggestions for a calendar to be created.

“There has always been demand from students, it’s just been very difficult to launch the calendar,” Signorelli said. “What’s different about SU this year is Eric Suiter, the Technology Manager. Thanks to him we have been able to revamp several elements of the SU website, introduce the calendar, and create a new website.”

Events may be submitted by logging in on and selecting “Create a New Event” under SU events. Approval by SU of reservations and notifications requested by student groups may require one day to process. Once approved, students will be notified via the Campus Events section of an all-school email.

Currently, only SU-affiliated groups may submit an event.

Students can access the online calendar using their WUSTL keys and passwords.