Students robbed at the corner of Big Bend and Lindell

| News editors

Early Sunday morning, two students were robbed at gunpoint at the corner of Big Bend Boulevard and Lindell Boulevard.

A black male adult between 26 and 30 years of age, wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a dark blue baseball cap, approached the students with a handgun. He insisted that they hand him their wallets and cell phones. After receiving one wallet, he then left the students uninjured and ran off into the surrounding neighborhood. WUPD did not provide a fuller description of the suspect.

As many students live off-campus and travel around campus at night, they should be careful and aware of their surroundings.

The police warn students to give a thief what they want and then report the suspect to the police. Additionally, students should never walk alone in the dark, travel in lit paths and bring a whistle with them for help.

Washington University Police Department (WUPD) requests that anyone report suspicious activities or persons off campus immediately to the University City Police at 9-1-1 or via Blue Light Emergency Telephone. Also, contact University City Police if you have any information that might assist in this investigation.

  • Alum

    Looks like it’s time to start considering expanding that late-night shuttle service to the “safe” area west of campus. We all knew it was going to take some incident to prompt the school to do this; let’s now see if this is it or if something else will unfortunately happen.