The Wash. U. Bunny was vandalized last Friday?!

Last Friday, the Wash. U. Bunny was vandalized. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Please contact [email protected] with any information, and feel free to leave your comments below.

Johann Qua Hiansen | Student Life
Johann Qua Hiansen | Student Life
  • Engineering ’02

    Maybe the spray painter is the artist here since the sculptor clearly isn’t – I’m just sad we can’t see this latest artist’s important work.

  • Jerome Bauer

    Who says it is a cute bunny anyway? One of my colleagues thought it was Wily Coyote. I thought it was a jackass, and I thought that was the point. The sculptor made jackasses out of us all, by calling us jackasses (fairly or unfairly) and getting paid big bucks for it.

    Even so, I don’t approve of vandalism.

  • Sylva J

    I thought the intrepid reporters at Studlife would have removed the covering to give readers an inside look at the gold spray paint. Alas, it’s more a “tell us what you know” callout.

  • Hey vandals, you missed a spot. I can still see the ugliest part.

  • Ignatius

    Thank god some wonderful soul finally had the courage to defile that hideous affront to the senses. If the university administration did not consist of troglodytic half-wits, they would have dynamited this abomination years ago.