Four Mac desktops stolen from Umrath dorm’s lab

| Contributing Reporter

The new Umrath dormitory is missing something: computers. Students going into the lab may have noticed an empty space where four Macs used to be.

Thursday just before noon, Residential Life (ResLife) officials conducted brief visual searches of rooms in Umrath, looking for four Mac desktop computers that were reported missing from Umrath.

There were still two computers left in the lab.

“This is a very serious matter and is a huge violation of the trust built within our community,” Andrew McDermott, the residential college director of the Rubelmann/Umrath/Wohl Residential College, wrote in an e-mail to his residents.

WUPD is currently conducting a full investigation and asks that anyone with any information contact them.

Students were disappointed by the theft.

“I expected better,” freshman Caroline Ross said. “And it was [a] student because you need your room key to get in. It was unfair to everyone else, and this brings a bad light to our ResCollege.”

Freshman Bobby Goelz, an Umrath resident, described the searches performed by ResLife. According to Goelz, officials knocked on students’ doors, repeatedly saying, “Residential Life, open up!” When students were not present to answer, ResLife opened their doors. In the rooms, officials conducted brief visual searches lasting a few seconds to see if any students were in possession of the stolen desktops.

“I was really surprised, but I understood why they were searching the rooms,” Goelz said. “It was very shocking and a little bit scary.”

  • another student

    real original

  • Adam

    The statement “And it was [a] student because you need your room key to get in.” seems a little bit silly to me. You need a key to get into a lot of things. Let’s take for example a locked and empty house. Just because something was stolen and only the owners had a key does not mean that they stole the items. It’s called breaking in. There was no mention of forced entry or the lack of any signs of it. Also, a non-student could have gained entry by piggybacking with someone else, doing pretend work, then waiting until the room was vacant. I am not saying that it was not a Wash U student, but it seems a little naive to not leave open other possibilities. Many WU ID cards are lost on a daily basis. It would be very easy to use one of these freshly dropped ones to gain access.

  • Jason

    I seriously hope this is somebody’s stupid idea of an April Fools’ joke; it was that morning that all the desktops went missing. Although, it’s already been a day…

  • a student

    I’m guessing STS stole the computers so they could use them as an excuse to start charging for printing.