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| Managing Editor

Undergraduate and graduate students will transition to GO WUSTL e-mail accounts today, though Squirrelmail and other accounts will remain functional for the time being. The new e-mail service run by Windows Live provides online applications similar to Google documents, 25 GB of storage space, Windows Messenger and Outlook Live. While all e-mail will be automatically forwarded to the new e-mail accounts, students who forward WUSTL e-mail to another account will need to set up mail forwarding again. Student Technology Services has already posted resources for students making the transition at

The main change to student e-mail will be the login process. Students can access the new system at by entering their WUSTL [email protected] under Windows Live ID tab and then entering their WUSTL Key password.

  • I’m not the biggest fan of Outlook, but the new system seems like it’s pretty effective. Google Enterprise would of been another good provider to run the new e-mail service.