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Students announce agreement with Mothers Bar

Mother's Bar will apologize to the six students denied entry two weeks ago; no lawsuit will be filed.

| Staff Reporter

Senior Regis Murayi speaks at a news conference Wednesday in the Danforth University Center. Murayi is one of the six black students alleging race discrimination at a Chicago bar. (Matt Mitgang | Student Life)

Senior class president Fernando Cutz and the six black students who allege they were racially discriminated against by the Original Mothers bar in Chicago said at a news conference Wednesday that they will not be pressing charges against the establishment.

Cutz announced at the conference, held in the Danforth University Center, that the students have reached an agreement with the bar, and Mothers will issue a public apology to the students. Managers at the bar will undergo diversity sensitivity and awareness training. The students are receiving free legal counsel from Covington and Burling LLP in their negotiations with Mothers.

Mothers will also hold four charity fundraisers, three at the bar in Chicago and one in St. Louis. The students will determine the recipient of the funds. Senior Regis Murayi, one of the six black students rejected from the bar, said the funds will likely go toward a social justice-related cause.

“As this whole incident is about raising the issue about race relations in the United States, we think it’s very important to contribute to a fund or even a scholarship or organization, something to that matter, that would do the best to promote raising these types of issues,” Murayi said.

Cutz also announced at the conference that Senior Class Council will be leading a “massive demonstration” in Chicago in late November that will include both University students and representatives from Mothers.

Cutz said that Student Union will likely fund bus transportation for students to go to the event.

The students stressed at the conference that they are not seeking compensation from the bar.

“Nothing in the plans had anything to do with us getting financial compensation,” said senior Chuka Chike-Obi, one of the six black students.

“This isn’t power, this isn’t about leverage, this isn’t about fighting, kicking and screaming. This is about really raising the issue about racial discrimination in America and really opening this issue moving forward,” Murayi said.

Cutz said he is pleased with Mothers’ response.

“Personally I’m satisfied with the way that things turned out,” Cutz said.

-With additional reporting by Dan Woznica

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  • Cindy Ray

    You are such racist trash

  • studentfourfourfour

    Oh, Andrea Pauly, andieiam the troll of the century has struck again spewing her Libertarian hatred throughout the internet.

  • Andieiam

    We are neglecting a very important issue here. As usual. Unforunately blacks engage in a higher percentage of crime…much higher than any other race. Until that is addressed and remedied I would say Mothers made a healthy decision.

  • WUSTL Alum ’99

    One thing that hasn’t been brought up is that a lot of these the downtown and north side bars selectively admit people based on race. Most aim to keep their bar crowd predominantly white, so the the bar owner or manager will instruct the bouncer/door personnel to only let in a handful of black people (this is a lot of times particularly enforced when it comes to black men).

  • Brian Bies

    @ “am man of reason said”

    I think a better name for you would be “a man with the critical reading ability of a fifth grader”.

    Anyway, before you angrily agree with me again, you might want to read these articles on “hyperbole” and “sarcasm”:

  • After some thought, and a blog post on it at , I am hopeful for this settlement; it is not perfect, but what in life is?

  • man of reason

    The reason they “settled” is because they knew there was no case. What you have is 2 not 6(check the facts), black males upset that they did not get into a bar because of dress code infractions. If you have ever worked security at any large nightclub, in any major city, you would know that a large number of people do not get in because of dress code infractions. It does not matter what race you are. Why is it assumed that if a black man gets denied entry for dress code, the bar is being racist? There is no proof that the “experiment” of changing pants with a white person ever happened. If it did happen, maybe the doorman just missed it. These doorman see at least 1000 people walk in and out all night long. They will miss dress code infractions during the night with all races. Has anyone even bothered to see what type of patrons that go to this nightclub? If you have been there, which I have, you would know it is very diverse. They have black waitresses, bartenders and doormen. A racist bar would not have these hiring practices. People need to take a step back and look at this situation from all sides.
    Comparing Original Mothers’s to Hilter at an anti-Holocaust demonstration! Your comparing a man that had millions of Jews murdered, to a bar that did not let in a couple of guys because of their jeans? What have things come to?

  • Brian Bies

    Ugh. Could this have gone better for Mother’s? A quick end to all the bad media coverage with a simple apology? And I’m sure those three fundraisers taking place IN THE BAR won’t help their popularity at all…

    Is the FBI investigation still going on at least?

    Oh and @ WUSTL Alum ’99:
    “Having a few of the bar staff march with the students at this upcoming demonstration is like having a convicted murderer march with the family of his victim at an anti-violence demonstration”

    Hyperbole much? I don’t think you quite got your point across. Maybe you should have said it’s like “having Hitler march with a family of Jews at an anti-Holocaust demonstration”.

  • Hmmmm…beating CNN by 4 hours, nice job. I’m kinda skeptical about the sensitivity training too…but hey, it’s better than nothing

  • Not Surprised

    Sensitivity training? Give me a break.

  • WUSTL Alum ’99

    I applaud the students discriminated against as well as some of their fellow students for the action they took. I really would have liked the bar to have been hit in the pocketbook though, to send the message that what they did was wrong and that they can’t continue it in the future. Had the students pressed on with a lawsuit that resulted in a financial settlement, they could have donated that money to whatever cause they wanted. I feel the bar got off with barely a slap on the wrist and that the managers are probably laughing at this “diversity training” they have agreed to undergo. Having a few of the bar staff march with the students at this upcoming demonstration is like having a convicted murderer march with the family of his victim at an anti-violence demonstration. And the fact that Student Union will be funding this trip really says to me that the joke is on you guys.

  • Danielle Patton

    I just read on that Mother’s is only apologizing for the bad experience that the 6 students had at the bar. They are not even admitting to unfair treatment. I’m really disappointed with that part, but congrats on everything else guys.

  • I’m really happy with this news! It shows that we want to go beyond just trying to get some sort of monetary compensation, and that we actually want to work to stop these kinds of events from happening again. Nice job, guys!

    Also, nice job on the quick reporting, StudLife. :)