Chancellor Wrighton responds to racism allegations in letter to Chicago Mayor

Chancellor Mark Wrighton responds to the allegations of racism against six Washington University students in a letter to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. “I trust you will investigate this matter fully and take the steps necessary to ensure that similar incidents do not occur to future visitors to the City of Chicago,” the Chancellor wrote.

  • yes

    How does Chancellor Wrighton have the right to call out Mayor Daley? The City of Chicago did nothing wrong here. This school just wants any and all publicity. It’s sad that WashU has turned into Paris Hilton.

  • anonymous

    What happens when you find out there were only a few (10) Wash U. students in the Club?

  • thebirdistheword

    Mark Wrighton is the man!

  • Jean h

    Chancellor Wrighton is the BEST! I wish he would run for president of USA