VP admin resigns due to frustrations with SU

| Staff Reporter

In a Student Union press release, the Executive Council announced that Trevor Mattea, vice president of administration,  would be resigning from his post, effective in two weeks. Mattea, a junior,  made the announcement to the Executive Council on October 16.

Mattea’s resignation is the second for the Montana Administration, following the resignation of Courtney Reeves, former vice president of public relations.

According to the release, in his role as vice president of administration, Mattea was hindered by the “bureaucratic structure of the Vice President of Administration” such that it became difficult “to make a noticeable difference in the lives of students.” Mattea cited a desire to make an “impact at Washington University” by using his “time and talents outside of Student Union.”

  • Steve Howerton

    I think it’s absurd to give a stipend to CS40 or SU execs. There are so many students in groups across campus who work just as hard and put in just as many hours as these execs who would be equally deserving of some sort of compensation for their time and efforts.

  • sure…

    Lets be honest. please. its interesting ppl are resigning left and right from SU. 7 senators over the summer, 2 execs, and a treasury rep…all just in one semester.

    really makes you think.

  • WHAT??

    Did he not know what the job entailed when he ran for exec? did he not know the structure he would be working within when he ran for exec? I dont understand.

    what does the “bureaucratic structure” was so restraining mean??

  • also concerned

    I agree with “am concerned”

    SU execs work hard, and get little recognition. the resignation of 2 people should be a sign that maybe something is wrong with the system. Another sign is that they all run unopposed.

    “am concerned” pointed out that they arent compensated for working 20 or 30+ hours a week. Working that long prevents them from being able to hold a job, which also discourages other students from running. CS40 execs get compensation with free rooms.

    Has anyone thought about paying execs a small stipend.

  • concerned

    i do not envy any of the leaders in Student Union. i had a good friend on the exec board last year and they are constantly working. i really wonder how much their GPA’s decline during the time they serve on the exec board. they aren’t even compensated for their 20 or 30+ hour weeks, where as the majority of other colleges compensate the student government executives in some form (academic credit, or a parking pass, or a small student-worker hourly salary).